Good Idea to send these doctored pics?


These new folks took over the building where I used to have an account. I saw a vehicle outside for the first time since christmas and decided to drop in. I mentioned that I do vinyl during my sales call and this is what he showed me.

As part of my bid, I produced these from the art for the new signs, and it’s just a perspective tool trick to make them fit on the old signs. Should I send these pics to help sell the job?


Pics always help sell the job. They look good to me.


call them a draft. Why not


You have a plotter ?


Not that large yet. I got a Cricut just to do store hours and small single letter replacements and such. This job I’m farming out if I get it. Also the application. I’ll just point fingers and ensure all is well and put a couple bills in my pocket.


In the AZ sun the vinyl peeled right away from it’s glue. A coat of paint cures all however.


So much for subbing it out obviously.