Good backlinks for window cleaning website SEO?


I’m trying to get my web page to really rank on Google and I’ve heard that one of the most impactful things is to get good backlinks. Are there any good backlinks that are specifically good for window cleaning?

Thanks in advance for all your help!


Backlinks are somewhat irrelevant now, and can actually be damaging.

This forum right here used to be the #1 spot for window cleaning backlinks.

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why are they irrelevant? google still uses them in their algorithm


They’re still there, but Google is putting much more weight on other factors now. Add to that, the fact is Google will also look for bad backlinks (links from irrelevant sites or ‘bad neighborhoods’) and will penalize a site for using them. They see it as an attempt to artificially improve one’s ranking- which is correct.

You have to remember that Google’s goal with their algorithms is to deliver search results that match as closely as possible to what the human behind the screen is trying to find.

The human behind the screen doesn’t care how many backlinks a site has. They want to know the site has what they’re looking for, preferably in a package that is user friendly- easy to read and navigate.

This means for us that we need good, informative content, with a mobile responsive theme, and a solid backend foundation that makes the site quick to load and navigate. We want to watch our bounce rates, as well, as that tips off google that maybe our site stinks.

The human behind the screen also wants to know that the site is from a reputable source.

In the early days, backlinks were a good way for search engines to determine if a site was reputable or not. But it wasn’t long before web developers caught on to how easily this part of the algorithm could be gamed. You could build entire networks of sites whose sole purpose was building backlinks to inflate the ranking of other sites.

Those types of sites are now blacklisted by Google, deemed ‘bad neighborhoods’. And anyone caught using them to try and bolster their ranking will be penalized by Google.

So how does Google determine a site’s credibility now? Citations are one way. You’ll have to google that, or hire Chris @SqueegeeNinjaNJ to take care off all this and make your site untouchable in the SERP’s.


Is his you ???


So i took your advice and am going another route.


Chris is that your Seo company that’s killing me.


Chris, man your site’s got me blocked cuz I’m not in the states big homie!


Jeez, 2016? Didn’t know this was an ancient post man, my bad.


Might be, but I sold the SEO company in November so I don’t know anymore :slight_smile:


Sorry about that, blocked most countries out of that website to get rid of referral spam, bad robots and other unsavory folks.

We had a real issue with hack attacks when I first launched the 462 website, so I took proactive measures to cut them out.


… and yes, Google has flip-flopped again re: their views of backlinks.

I will say this though, low quality backlinks will not help anyone, Comment spamming and embedding links in replies in forums (ahem, here for example, they are all nofollow links) is a waste of time and energy. You meed to have a real backlink program to make a difference nowadays.