Glass sealant pricing


i searched previous threads about pricing glass seal…no dice. asking fellow window washers how you price applying sealant. im guessing i charge a percentage of cost of product + time?


Whats the current condition of the glass? Are you sealing the glass because of hard water build up? Protecting from sprinklers? Or is the customer insisting on some kind of sealant because they think it will keep their windows cleaner longer?

If the customer thinks its going to keep their windows cleaner longer, I’d charge them as if I won’t see them for a year or longer… Maybe double or triple what you would charge for a normal cleaning.

If you are removing hard water build up, of course you need to charge for the restoration of the glass then the application of the sealant.


So yesterday I had a customer who asked for a quote, the past company she used charged her about $200 more than my quote however in their standard clean they do some kind of sealant procedure.
She was not happy with the overall result and claimed when she try to spot clean the windows they would be all smeary.
The biggest problem with the majority of glass sealants is that they make the glass hydrophobic, which is detrimental to the maintenance clean, unless they are needed to repel hard water I would advise my customers against it.


I’ve found that repeated sealant applications eventually build up and make windows uncleanable.


I can see how that could happen.


Thats where Im at Alex. Double or triple per pane price depending on sealant used. For the many sealants Ive tested and tried, some are harder to clean afterwards than others.

My sealant of choice currently is the Mr. Hard Water Sealant. Ive posted before about the MWH sealant and how in my area of western OK its needed for hard water protection. Also the windows do appear to stay “looking” cleaner for a longer period but there is not as much rain as many other places. So the dirt just spreads out thinly on the glass due to increased surface tension (Ive done several side by side tests too).

It is hydrophobic, so is it more difficult to clean? Well, from one perspective, yes, because solution will quickly shed from the glass greatly reducing slip. So squeegeeing after the sealant application the 1st few times(within 3-6 mo in sun but longer shaded) Ive found requires a tight-knit microfiber towel to “visibly” remove any light mark or leftover haze (i say “visibly” for those that know a slight residue is always left but may not be seen by the naked eye). Ive found using very little solution (just enough that it spreads evenly across the surface) is a good medium ground. The benefit of the sealant for me has been most things don’t need the extra scrubbing to come off that they had needed before, so the time spent possibly pulling out the towel is balanced out. I also should mention that most of my work is 1st story and the past few years ive been getting away from using it on any 2nd story (no 3rds here yet). I get that some may not want to work that way and I definitely understand. But for me, in my area (thats key - trying anticipate objections haha), its enabled me to have an easier job keeping the hard water at bay & clients happy.

I still haven’t made a full vid of my methods with MWH sealer but i will sometime, then ill post it… someday, haha

Anyways if need more info just pm me and ill see if i can help :slight_smile: