Glass Coatings Could Triple Your Profits!


Yeah. So since I started writing my three parter on glass coatings for the AWC I have become very curious to know what the full extent of the glass industry is. Like how many float glass manufacturing plants are actually out there and where? How many fabricating plants? How many tempering plants? Where exactly does all the glass get coated? And especially how many different types of architectural glass coatings could there possibly be out there. Lets begin with this post. You will definitely want to look at this on the throne. Just click “No Thanks” in the black box and you should be able to click around the map and have fun.



I am still researching. Got so excited I had to post this latest article I pulled up. It explains so much! Not only is this one of the largest, and most expansive industries in the world;…but it is also experiencing fantastic growth! It did go through a major bump during the Great Recession. But things are changing. Mostly because of “performance products”. In other words coatings people !!! The coatings market appears to be driving the glass market. You know what this means? And this IS the really BIG one. The products will become more expensive, and someone (meaning us) is going to be needed with the knowledge to clean, maintain, protect, and at times restore them. This is fast becoming the age for Glass Smart Window Cleaners. My vision is being realized. Can you see it?



And if you still are wondering about this you know how ga ga everyone is about cleaning solar panels with WFP systems? Can you imagine entire buildings with all four sides covered with windows that are coated with a fired on solar film thinner than a hair from your head? Well check out this article!