Give me a hand!


Hey guys!
I am a Business University student living in Calgary, Alberta, Canada. I have been learning about the window washing game for a while now and was wondering if y’all could share some advice on my situation. I am currently looking into starting my own window washing company and needed help to figure out what the right equipment would be for the TDS levels here (320 AVERAGE TDS). I was recommend ( this package and was wondering if this package would be the right step coming into the game. Professionals in this game like you guys could really help me be smart with this investment.

Thanks everyone


yes that package looks like it has everything to get started. I would look into the xero pure system here on this website, will save you money, and has been a great system for me.

Buuuut I strongly recommend learning traditional window cleaning before you jump into waterfed cleaning. Mostly because not all situations are going to allow for waterfed. Also if you do any kind of interior work you will have to do traditional. Most of us here started with traditional and worked our way up.

Good luck to you.

edit - i forgot you will probably need to look at purchasing a pump, or making a pump in a box. I have TDS reading like that, and I most definitely need a booster pump to get the water past 1 floor.


I can help you. Take a look at our Xero Packages. Feel free to call or text me 24/7 865-310-0728


Thats a good package. If you are new I would consider starting the business “Trad Style” first. Save some money get the mechanics of the business worked out first. But whatever you decide that is a quality set up.


When I Started money was hard. You said you are a student. Whats your budget like?


I have a budget for $3,000, I already have a truck and business licences’ , i have been saving up for a while now and Either wanted to go out and purchase a new car like every other 20 year old or start my own business haha! thats why Im here !