Gas station chain pricing


42 small to medium sized gas stations, in/out every 30 days, 12 hours total driving across 400 miles, estimating 1/2 hour work per stop

Does $2200 per month sound in the ballpark? (That’s the total for all, they’d actually get invoiced and signed off individually.)


It sounds right on if your estimates are right on Drive Time and Time at each location :
33 total Hours Earning $2,220.00 = $66.00 hour.
42 Locations will be charged $52.38 Each.

You said each location would be invoiced Separately - Hopefully you are sending one bill to their corporate offices.

If I knew my bid was competing with other companies I would go as low as about $1650.00. Especially given the fact that they have multiple locations and the amount I would be receiving annually from this one customer ( $19,800.00 )


33 hours total = $66.66 per hour


I’m also factoring in that drive time and work time will be longer in winter, traffic, plus other complications like stuff not moved from windows, manager not available to sign right away, etc. I figured a buffer would ensure I don’t go below $50/hr.


Is that acceptable for commercial? I feel like guys talk about $70-100/hr (I know markets vary) so I’m almost more afraid of under-pricing…but I also really want this.


Your going to make mistakes bidding just understand that.

Early on, the mistake of under bidding but being awarded would be better than being to high and not having the opportunity with the customer again. At least you have an opportunity to raise it.

If your to low, correct it, learn from it.

I hate when companies under bid because what it does to the mindset of the customer un regards to pricing. I also understand the difference from an experienced company underbiding and a startup doing the same.


what is acceptable is up to each person. when my business partner and i work together my minimum is at least $50 per man hour so $800 per day, i’m targeting at least $60 per man hour and am hapoy when it’s more. when i work by myself my minimum is $60 per hour and am Targeting at least $70. all our storefront/commercial brings in at least $60 per man hour if 1 person is working (there is an inherant inefficiency to having 2 people at a job so you can never just double the productivity of 1 person at the same job) and some are up over $100 pmh.

all that to say, if you think you can do it in the time you estimated $66.66 is a great place to start and you’ll likely get faster over time.

if you can get other stops near these places you cut down on drive time (i.e. if you have a 30 min drive and 3 stops thats an average drive time of 10 min per stop rather than 30 min per stop if you have just the one.)


i quoted you Jhans but this is directed at op

this is key, if you under bid a job, lets say by 10%, do it for 6 months or a year and then raise it 5-6% do that again 12 months later, then once you have it where it needs to be raise it 2-5% each year. your customers should get used to a small increase each year.

we do our raises in February. we write on the invoice “beginning next service the service price will be X” that way if they decide to cancel over the increase we’ll be starting our spring rush and won’t miss them.


I did 35 gas station - food stops. They were monthly and the nice part is they we open at 5am and closed at midnight so schedule was very flexible. I would mix houses and other routes in with them which made it much more of a profitable day


How many doors ? I would be very clear with moving stuff. One month your moving a little. The next month your there 15 minutes more moving stuf, An I hate the every 30days thing. I would say 1 time a month this way if I needed to do it the 3rd week that’s whe they get done. If I was busy the 3rd week I would do them the 4th week. I know Jared is big on the xtra month of billing , but I’m telling ya if your a solo guy the flexibility is more beneficial

BTW I’m doimg all my Minthlies Monday & Tuesday next week the 30th & 31st , because the rain is backing me up. Did them the 3rd week last month. No one ever says anything, An I’m makim more money this month because of it. If I was stuck this week doing them I would of lost lots of work.


We discussed that I’d let them know the general window I’m coming the day before so that things are moved by the time i get there. I’m thinking of putting in the contract (if i get it) that inaccessible windows will be skipped.

I totally agree. I prefer flexibility over the chance for one more cleaning in the unlikely event I hit the schedule perfectly for an entire year. In my calendar I set all monthlies for every 28 days, but then when the time arrives I move it to a slot that works for me, even if it’s a week later. I’ve also experienced that no one really cares as long as it’s fairly regular.


Cool good luck with these I hope you get them.
When I say doors I mean garage doors.
Are these convenience stores, or service stations.
Back in the days most gas stations out here were service stations. Now the convenience type are being built everywhere