Gardiner V3 backpack but what pole!?


Afternoon ladies and gents,

Because I have decided(as of now lol) to continue to work full time and focus on residential work on weekends, that I am going to try out the Gardiner Backpack instead of investing fully into a system.

BUT. Seriously, which pole, brush and attachments are a must/should have. What do you guys recommend. I have looked through a bunch of poles and brushes but I can’t decide. Do I want to keep price down and get a starter pole, or do I invest a bit into the pole so I am set when I upgrade my system.

Don’t be shy. Let me know your best options. Spring is here before we know It!

Thank you in advance.


Doesn’t the backpack need to be filled with pure water?

How are you purifying the water.


I have a contact at Culligan who is supplying it. So I will be storing it for now.


Get a bunch of Jerry cans and you’ll be all set. :sunglasses:

PS don’t skimp on the pole.
If you’re using a back pack on all your jobs you’ll need smalll pencil jets on a small brush, like a Gardiner brush. You’ll be cleaning windows the English way if you roll with a back pack because the American way of wfping uses WAY TO MUCH WATER to roll with a backpack full time.


WCR has a sweet deal on a 30’ reach cf pole right now. ($411 including a tucker dual trim brush with pencil jets). Not endorsing the product as I have no experience with it, but would love to hear from anyone who owns and uses the EZ Pure 30.


Good tip. Thank you Mike


@Alex @John @Josh


The EZ Pure is RHG lower level pole for the Tucker line of products. It has
nylon clamps instead of aluminum and does not have end protectors like the
Tucker pole. It is light weight and a rigid pole. For the price a very
good pole. Call me if you have any more questions or need help


Thank you


Hi this is the setup I use in the Uk which I love. It’s worth spending more on the pole as with a lighter/Pole you can get much more done with less strain on the body.