Gardiner Pole Systems SLX


The Gardiner Pole Systems SLX has become my absolute go to pole.

Here are a couple videos of the pole in use and also the new brush from Gardiner pole systems as well.

Also a video of the G-Fit gooseneck.

All of these items will be onboard the Reach Higher Ground trailer at this weekends Window Cleaning Picnic.


Thanks Shawn

I hope you don’t mind I put them into boxes here for everyone to view a bit easier. These have been up on Mr Robinson s blog for a few days now.

WCR has worked out an arrangement with Shawn of Reach Higher Ground and Alex Gardiner of Gardiner Pole Systems. All of these items areavailable in the WCR Store

Thanks for the info Shawn…

Please give us some picnic updates if you can.




These can all be found HERE


If I can tear myself away from the madness then I certainly will post some pics and info on-site.

I have happy to have WCR a partner of ours in this WFP endeavor.