Full uniform or collared shirt only


When it comes to looking professional on the job. Do you think a shirt with your business logo is the minimum requirement, or enough to be considered professional.

What does your uniform do to separate you from the masses.

I an not talking about the work, truck, just the work attire.


Yeah, get a logo’d shirt. You don’t necessarily need a screen printed back, just get something nice with a logo on the chest.

I’d suggest moisture wicking if you’re somewhere hot. I’ve got polo’s.

The other benefit of the moisture wicking is that they’re easy to dust off. You get mud or dust on them, just get a damp microfiber and wipe it off.


As soon as I get my logo finalized. I will be going in the polo shirt direction I think. I where a kangle type hat also being Irish. I was thinking about having these as my hat of choice just to have an overall different look. Like the one in my profile picture.


Cool. I just keep thinking of horseshoes and squeegees for your logo. Or a leprechaun and squeegee.


When I get something back from the designer. I will be happy to post and get some feedback on it.

I am thinking along those lines, a squeegee, inside a shamrock. We will see how it all comes together.


Definitely get a logoed shirt. All the cool kids will want to wear your shirt!

Actually the young trainee in the pic is my grandson. He likes to squeegee but he excels with the spray bottle.


The young apprentice I see! Thanks for sharing.:+1::smile:


I think a logoed shirt is essential to looking professional. I also think a collared polo steps that up a bit, but a T-shirt in good condition can present the same image.
I was giving a quote to a customer one day and they actually had a competing window cleaner doing a quote at the same time! Anyway, I in my polo and him in his faded logoed T with a frayed edge neckline both turned in our quotes. a few months later I got the job. I don’t know if the other guy did it or was considered as a few months had passed by, but I remember thinking - Nice house, inside/outside clean, why dress grungy for a first impression?


I have always used Polo Shirts and Khaki Pants ( Shorts for warm seasons ).
Never jeans. Shoes had to be cross train - hike type. No greasy work boots.

Here is a sheet from a page of the small manual I give employees on dress.
Clothing and Personal Appearance opp mann.docx (15.8 KB)


Quotes are done in polo or other nice logo’d shirts.

Logo’d tshirts for when I’m working :). Polo or long t-shirts, if cooler.

Work pants - always same colour. If I had employees, every one would have to wear the same style/colour pants or shorts.

Shoes - I have mixed feelings about this one. I feel like it can be between select colours. Black, white, brown.
Or, maybe 1 colour only.

Hats and company jackets are also a solid choice :+1: I find shoes aren’t as noticeable if coats and hats are worn as well.

I have worked for both kinds in the trade industry. Full uniforms and then just logo’d shirts with what ever jeans or pants. Though, never getting a complaint - full uniform is the winner in my book :slight_smile:

Make it comfortable, make it simple. Make it consistent.


Great feedback from all. Garry thanks for sharing your personal doc.:+1:


My apologies! WDW thank you for the doc.:joy::joy::+1:


I use these type of shirts too, only problem with them tho is they will hold B.O. in the pits like crazy.

@Lucky614 I use only logo’d shirts and I have always believed in my limited education that this was a uniform and was schooled by a rep from a company that does uniforms for outfits like ours what the word actually meant and then pointed to us…

Yeah, I’m not too smart don’t laugh.

For the boss man, (and again its coming from a guy who is firing on half a cylinder) a nice logo’d shirt and for the techs, righteous uniforms…in my opinion-looks the most professional.


So, what was his definition of “uniform”?

Personally, when I hear “uniform”, I think of the pants and footwear, as well. Like many uniformed services require black or navy blue pants, black shoes, etc.

So I guess by that definition, I wear a uniform. Currently it’s a neon green sport polo with our logo embroidered on the left chest, black LA Police Gear tactical pants, and black and grey hiking sneakers with neon green laces.


The definition was that everyone who represents should BE uniform.

The only thing that was the same or uniform on us was our shirts that’s it
nothing else matched nothing else was uniform


I guess their are many ways to skin a cat. I appreciate all the feedback. :+1:


ps…I still only have the shirt.

I hate khaki. So uncomfortable and during the summer almost unbearable.