From start to finish



Got to love a simple technique!

Good video @Rich7428


Great example of the importance of mastering all the skills / techniques. What is faster, straight pulls or fanning? The answer is, YES!


So I guess you could call me a straight-pull convert now. With few exceptions, I’ve been mimicking steve-o’s flow and I’m saving about 10% on time vs my old system of pole fanning every single overhead pane.


Thanks bud!


Same here! Amen!


Sorbo - The best pole squeegee in my book.


The ledge eze is a great pole tool also :wink:


Steve what pole are you using in your video?


That’s what I’ve been using. Now I have finally fulfilled my goal of a simple tool system that covers all the bases. Probably ought to upload it in the tool belt thread at some point here…


That’s great to hear! Ya you should do that!:wink:


I am pretty sure Steve-O uses Garelick poles in most of his videos. Based on the no external collars visible and flex, that’s what he appears to be using in this one.


Thanks Steve O @Rich7428


How’s he doing one straight pull after another without drying the squeegee? I thought if you don’t do the seven technique you pretty much have to at least wipe the tip to avoid lines.


He’s a Ninja. :sunglasses:


That’s…nice…now how do i do it?


Practice :sunglasses:


Yes, of course. But WHAT do i practice? I can’t practice it if i don’t know how he’s doing it. If i keep practicing what i know now i will keep getting the same results.


This is why you need to watch more Steve O videos. Wax on wax off


I don’t know. But he is my sensei.