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Wsup old timers I’m in College Station Texas and I’ve decided to start " Dynamic Window Cleaning " because I have experience from my Dad being in the business and I’ve picked up alot of residential builders as I’ve worked in the AV field. Funny how many complaints I’ve had about " FISH " since I’ve been knocking on doors btw it’s making building customer base so much easier haha. New construction is my thing right now and I’m so stoked we have this forum! Looking forward to it!


Welcome! Funny story, I worked for Fish while I went to A&M and have since started my own business in East Houston.

Just beware, Fish owns almost all the window cleaning market in CS, so sniping their storefronts might be difficult since they’ve been doing it for so long and their prices are super cheap.

Good luck and if you ever need any help in CS or in between, hit me up.


Welcome to the forum! Fishies went out of business in my area last year but I keep hearing people say their prices were cheaper. You can probably guess what my stock response is. Anyway, glad to have you here.


Thanks man! Just remember they can’t win them all!


I guess people still think they can get great service for almost nothing and we all know that’s impossible! LOL


Welcome to the forum


Amen. You can’t expect Ferrari service for Yugo pricing.


I think of them as the McDonalds of window cleaning. They have a business model that works great for them. That being said a lot of people won’t eat at McDonalds, even though they may be #1.


Good luck @badboybabin3! Keep at it and remember it’s the long game you need to focus on.

How was your experience working there @ahm915?


hey that’s how don marsh thought of his window cleaning service!


What was his story?


You wouldn’t happen to know how they charged for new construction residential btw would you? I just took over a 7thousand square foot house with 358 panes total and I estimated 5k and got the job but I would sure like to know what they had estimated…


Hello Aaron and welcome to the forum!


don was putting out videos long before the current tubers and they are still on his channel. i misspoke he actually calls it big mac window cleaning at 3:30 of this vid:


Well I was in college and it was a job. They posted their hiring ad on Craigslist. I stayed busy but only worked there for about 9 months before I graduated. They never let me clean a house but I know I was one of the better ones. Overall, I’d say I enjoyed it. But now hearing about them and how they operate, idk. Lol