French Pane CCU pricing question (with pics!)


Hello Guys and Gals! Love the community and how willing to help everyone is. Have been cleaning for a few years now thanks to all the guidance I receive through this forum. Couldn’t do it without you. This is my first post.

I have generally stayed away from CCU. Kind of scares me. But got a call, I can use the money for some reason I am tempted to try to land this job. It would be in and out. Owner is doing the construction to the add on (which is the white room where all the french panes are). Lots of dust and silicone on them. They also want the rest of the house. The rest is not as bad but the windows still have dust and some paint on them. Let me know what you all think pricing should be and if you have any warnings or suggestions. I will use 2 or 3 people total on the job. How long do you think that would take? Thank you! I appreciate your feedback.


Forgot to mention, the very top of the tower, I didn’t take pictures of all sides. Forgot. But there are 22 panes total. They are the size of the ones you can see in the one picture. On those the outsides and be cleaned from inside. In total, there are there are 256 french or small panes and 75 regular sized panes.


Since you have been cleaning windows “for a few years now”, you should have a standard base price that you already charge.
Simple CCU formula:
Your base price x 2.5 to 3 = job price.

Have plenty of Magic Eraser on hand; does magic on silicone and fresh paint. :wink:


I don’t see what is on the glass or how much. If it’s just paint and silicone, it seems straight forward.

There is ALOT of work there, so price accordingly. Are you sure the top windows of the tower can be cleaned from the inside? If so, submit your bid. If not, I’d be leery. That looks like a dangerous ladder set from the outside.


Thanks for the reply. I have read exactly what you suggested on pricing. Thanks for the confirmation. I have just also read some scary things about scraping or steel wool on french panes or cut ups so I am not sure what to think. Dont know all that much about FD or tempered glass.


I agree. That would be terrible if it needed a ladder. But yes. Double checked. Can be done from inside. Thanks.


The best way in my opinion is to add up the different sized panes. Like two hundred small. Fifty medium. Twenty five large. And so on. Then find the worst of each and do it complete. Figure exactly how much time it took. Add ten to twenty percent. Do the rest of the math to calculate total estimated hours. Then multiply by what you need to make per man hour. It really is all in the numbers.

The very first step however is to figure out what chems and abrasive products you will be using. And know the glass. Which is impossible to do when you have other guys working with or for you. Glass is so easy to scratch these days.



Would have been nice if the deck had been on it would make the outsides of the french panes much faster.

You have enough experience to take on a ccu.
Just take your time with the bid and know this job will take a long time because your experience and the amount of tempered glass with french panes.

I’d imagine the interior partition french panes are also included.


Thats a practical suggestion. I would have to go back out there to do that. “Glass is so easy to scratch” is my fear…


Thanks for the encouragement Jeff. You imagined correctly. Partition included. I was thinking maybe 2 days of work with 2 or 3 ppl total. That seem about right to you?


Sorry, i thought you where solo.

Id imagine 2 people maybe 6-7 hours, if all were new to ccu longer.


Anyone willing to tell me if $2,139 sounds right?


we’d be $1718-2577 depending on how bad they are


I’m with @Garry on this one.
Your normal price times 2 or 2.5 MINIMUM and DO NOT back down or you’ll be sorry you did. You will ALWAYS make bad decisions based on not having and needing money. I’ve done it a million times and will probably do it again.

I followed my own rule yesterday tho and dodged a huge bullet…back to you tho…don’t be afraid to walk away from it.

Odds are you’re going up against a few thats already been there and they think they’ll get the job done for less than the others who’ve already been there.

Stick to your guns and thats that.

If you run into issues, and you will on a ccu, if you are shoestring budget guy with not much coin…just needing to get to home depot for some alcohol or steel wool is a huge issue. Bid it to win it man.


Wow. Thanks everyone for replying. Thank you @leavingnc for letting me know what you would charge. That helps.