Free demo


When doing your door to door marketing have any of you ever tried to offer a free one window demo to show the potential customer an example of work. Basically you would need to be wearing your gear and what not. Been thinking about doing this… But think people may not be too receptive. What do you think?


I am two for two with that technique.


Demos can be very helpful. Property managers and others like it a lot because they get to see your work before paying, and usually you can make a small but important part of their business look better. Same idea with houses and storefronts, though it seems to turn the sale in my favor more often on larger commercial than the other avenues. E.g., I just did a demo for an appartment complex on their model, 5 dh w/ screens, and I may win their whole complex, which is about 10-20k a year, but they weren’t really interested till I did the demo.


“Here, I’ll do the front door and give you a taste.” I don’t mind. I keep it small, remember, it’s just a sample. Don’t think I’d do 5 windows for a sample, one maybe. :sunglasses: