Forum Sensitivity Training Needed


Its been a busy morning here.

Yes even guys with less experience can contribute with new thoughts and even the questions that generate the great discussions.

I do apologize that this has become what it has.

Also just cuz…I have been washing windows for 25 years and self employed for close to 20 years. Wife works in the office and I work alongside 3-5 employees daily.

It works for us especially with 5 kids, 4 in hockey and multiple other sports. Being self employed gives our family the luxury of flexibility.

Just be open minded and take in as much advice as you put out and good things will happen.

I do things a little different than many here because 75% of our work is high rise commercial facilities and does change the way in which we clean windows and equipment used from residential.

I do believe good things do happen from the dis has none here.

Fyi, that was not my actual office wall but think that was clear. :wink:


Man, this has the potential to turn into a very unsensitive thread!




@jhans Your advice is always appreciated. Keep up the great work!


Thank you


@jhans I like you cause you are from the same place as my whole family


Works for me, I like you for same reason


What?? Watching guys clean windows to hip hop is really entertaining
It’s not that I haven’t seen a pole and a squeegee 10,0000,000 times before


Back in the day 09-12 this forum would crush people it’s not nearly as entertaining or engaging as it once was but still a good place to keep up with the industry


how much glue did you sniff as a child?


I would have loved it if this would have been put in the reason field.


Poo poo head? You got to be kidding me! Isn’t that the EXACT same thing as calling him a shit head? Geez

Is poo poo head more sensitive? Sounds like a girly man trying to insult someone without offending them to me.




major payne sensitive

I prefer the insult “dill-weed.”

Much more “street.”


It was a joke nothing more.


Some people are just too crabby!


I should have put a smiley face in my post. Perhaps a haha or a lol.


Lol :joy: no worries.


LMAO!! oh sorry was watching mr bean and my laugh must have jumped over to this thread…


Happy Novembruary everyone!