Forum Sensitivity Training Needed


It looks like you have it. :wink:

I’m just saying… :sunglasses:


I’m trying, but other need to continue. My last two posts were humor - very funny, i might add - but others can’t take the heat.


I was banned yesterday. Still here!!!


You werent banned.


If you were banned yesterday you would not be here this morning Alan.


I don’t remember talking to you @wcs just saying


Just saying…

I would not tolerate “cursed filled email”

I’m talking to you now Alan.


@wcs What Alan is doing here is sometimes referred to as “death by cop.” In the forum world, we could call it “purposely trying to get banned.”


Alan has sent me several curse-filled emails over the years. I have quite a collection of them. I told him the next time he emails me, I’m, going to post it up on the forum for all to see. He then cursed at me some more. :joy:


It obviously the path he continuously want to take. :joy:


“Poking the bear”. wink wink


Ok breaking News - Alan has now been banned.


Oh man really…

I’m being sensitive here…


Hell be back as Alan2

But really it will be Alan3 - All new and super positive.

Alan1 wasnt really a good username because Alan was the first Alan and by default truely Alan1

Alan1 could never actually be Alan1 only Alan2 - I hope that makes sense :slight_smile:


I love this thread LOL


If I ever got kicked off I would just come back as Gary Busey



this is pretty funny though


Alan1 is an awesome username. He wrote the program to monitor the MCP! I’ll be Kevin Flynn.


mic drop