Forum Sensitivity Training Needed


Just because I like clarity the comment “was there a point to it?”

Was honestly because the post was about a guy that was doing 5 Seconds sneak peeks with various methods of window cleaning with funny music being compared to another YouTuber who generally post learning videos or videos with a theme or content.

So to me, my opinion was the two are not the same type for comparison.

By the way have I ever showed you my office.


Oh damn dude. Good job on all those certificates. I have a wall of trophys showing that I could have went far in sports. That counts right?


@jhans Strictly out of curiosity what post or user inspired you to write this post. I have no problem with it, and I agree with you. I’m just curious :slight_smile:


I thought that would have been obvious


2nd certificate from top right. Running any deals? I’m tired of cleaning my contact lenses.


Do you have any certs for Sensitivity Training?


Believe it or not I’m actually a fun guy, I just try to keep my post short or you lose attention. I get to the point but probably by doing that it leaves room for interpretation also.

I have never posted something that was mean or meant to cause an argument, that is not my intent.

I value what you created here and find great value in it.

Even with 26 years in the industry I have learned from some guys with 1 year experience. That is what is truly amazing about what has been built here


I do, it’s on the other wall. Didn’t want to show off


Oh it is I’m just looking for a little supporting documentation. :grinning:


I’d rather have this for an office lol.


haha looks cold


“Malcolm, you should have a discount program!”

Before Army mandated Sensitivity Training: "You should go *#%$ yourself!!!"
After Army mandated Sensitivity Training: “You should go have a mutually beneficial relationship with yourself!!!”


Too funny…

One year experience? Na

Fact: Every post you put up has a negative vibe to it. Others who answered got it, enjoyed it and played along. You can spin it anyway you want. You take your role in this industry way to seriously.

If I am not mistaken, you are an employee right? If that’s the case, then start your own business, and in 10 years and come and talk to me.


Only certificate that matters!!! Lol

Do you have one of those?!! Didn’t think so… mic drop!!


Nice office Amy!


Alan2 Your back? After yesterdays curse-filled email you told me that you wouldn’t be posting again? :zipper_mouth_face:

I’m going to ask you for the final time to NOT make posts just to start problems. Thank you for your anticipated cooperation.


When this post stops, I will stop. I have every right to defend myself. If that bothers you, then you know what to do. Remember? Your words! “Free speech.”


I’m not sure what you mean by free speech.


Who needs sensitivity training now? Those last two posts were funny and got 2 likes. Double standard!!!


Man… let it go. You will be much happier and profitable if you keep a positive attitude. Do not let negativity or behavior of others affect your demeanor.