Forum Sensitivity Training Needed


You should call it “Digging For Squeegical Gems”


I see what you did there


I have no interest in forum sensitivity training only heated debates about the right and the wrong way to clean windows!!!
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“Forum sensitivity training needed”

  • With so many different personalities, someone would even take that wrong (Lol)

  • People need to realize when you post to a public forum of any type your going to get every response possible.

This forum is actually the most mellow in regards to responses that I have been on.

Like the old adage says…

“Think before you ask that question, do you really want to hear the answer”


Do you like me?:hushed:





It’s funny that when I see Bill Murray; I automatically think off @ahamilton now.


8 min video with 4 review questions? I’m down for that.


I agree with EVERY ONE of you in this room!

Now I’m the most right!!

Seriously though, I even find myself misinterpreting other users, and even later when reading my own, I think, Oh now i see why they thought… Body language and tone of voice, facial movements, speed of talk, so much can effect what someone is trying to say. A liar saying the same sentence as a truth teller makes different signals!


@Streakerfree you’re welcomezLdMKur


Opposing views and constructive criticism are important when debating a theory or an idea. It’s what makes forums work. However, some people on this forum are always on the opposing side of every post.

It’s very easy to criticize when you live in anonymity. It’s the same people leaving their NEGATIVE views over and over. It’s important to raise people up and encourage them.

@jhans doesn’t seem to see the point of making videos with music. A large number of window cleaners were able to learn using these videos. These videos inspire us, and entertain us. To dismiss them is to dismiss WCR as a whole. Let’s face it… these videos are a huge part of this Industry.

Only those who try, should criticize.


That is incorrect statement.

Like you said everyone has there way of learning and sharing knowledge.

To say that if someone dismisses videos it is dismissing the WCR as a whole, that is so far from the truth Alan.


I’m the devils advocate in almost every discussion I enter. It creates polarity and a more engaging discussion in my opinion. Nothing more exciting than a heated discussion. If everyone agrees, if there’s no controversy you’re looking at something rather boring.

I’m open minded.


No it doesnt.




Ok, relieved @BostonMike got my joke. :sleeping:


respectful discourse


“Was there a point to it?” Maybe not to jhans but I’m sure to many. I was entertained. You can still take ideas from it but it was mostly entertaining and that’s it.

@jhans gives his opinion like we all do. It does NOT have to be positive. Sure, it’s nice when it is but we don’t better ourselves when it’s always positive.

Ignore the messages you don’t like and react to the ones you do :slight_smile: less stress! Or, have the discussion/argument with him by answering “what the point was.”

Y’all get along or feel my wrath


The repeated problem I see is you find a differing opinion as “negative” when it doen’t suit your opinion if you see it in your post.

I personally wouln’t watch those short heavily edited videos (dude shoulda edited that van… all that trash)
You can’t really learn much from those videos imo