For Sale: XERO Pro 40' Carbon Fiber System Deluxe


I have a never used XERO Pro WFP system. I purchased this package in March. I put the unit together and ran water through it to test the TDP. I’ve never cleaned a single window with the pole. Right now I am booked with pressure washing jobs and could use the capital for some additional equipment in that area.

I paid $2549 a couple of months ago. I am asking $1900 OBO and would prefer to sell to someone in the local Atlanta area. I could ship, but shipping would be pricey as the whole package is quite bulky. I will take some pictures and update the post this evening.

XERO Pro 40 Foot Carbon Fiber Water Fed Pole Deluxe

  • Xero Pure With Xero Pro 40 Foot Carbon Fiber Water Fed Pole

  • Exceed Uni-Valve:

  • DA Multi Tool/Bronze Wool Pad Holder Kit

  • Premium Telescopic Barb

  • 50’ XERO premium hose

Your first WFP

I just bought a zero 32’ Carbon Fiber for 800 new. I can give you 1200 for yours. :wink:


Was that with the pole and the DI system? That’s amazing if it is. The 40’ pole itself goes for $800.


Where did you get it for $800?

Link please

I am in Texas otherwise I would try to make you a offer


What would be your absolute bottom line price? I am in Texas but would be willing to make the drive for the right price you can text or call me at (469) 723-2736


I will buy it, please PM me your contact info


$1600 and it’s yours.


Sorry I can’t PM yet. Anyone interested just send an email to duffy1 at Thanks.


Interested, I sent you an email. If it’s still available please email me back at I am located in the Atlanta area,