For sale: WFP Business Gear


Ettore pure water window cleaning system (details below) complete with top-of-the-line Unger carbon fiber extension poles. This kit can achieve amazing results quickly and easily! In addition, you’ll get all the accessories you need for a squeegee-based window cleaning business.

If you’re looking for a turn-key entry into a nice side business, this package includes everything you need – right down to multiple piles of microfiber cleaning cloths and scrub towels.

Ettore 4 Stage EZ Pure System ~ 4 Cartridge Filtration System (Model # 94004)
The Aquaclean system is designed to reduce the maintenance and cost in manufacturing pure water. Pretreatment cartridge, Reverse Osmosis and a De-Ionization. They created the ultimate system that requires the least filter replacement than anything else on the market.


Available for local pickup in Houston, TX due to bulk size, but will consider shipping to a serious buyer.

Your first WFP

How old is it & what all does it include. I am new to the business & just started learning about wfp


2 years - but used for only around 6 months of that time. Very lightly used and handled responsibly. What you see is what you get. The poles are outstanding… some of the best you can buy. I’m even throwing in foot booties for inside work! If you’re interested in getting in the business, this is a really great bit of kit.


WFP inside?

I’m a new to this, I can’t identify everything you got there although I recognize about half.


I guess. And what I see is a used up washer sleeve (and likely hand tools) a small bucket, cheap booties, and what nots. You are selling the Stingray pouches but no stingray. Meh…

I understand you are probably trying to sell off all your equipment, but it would probably move faster if you separate the trad tools from the WFP gear.


I guess it’s easy to assume I’m some jerk trying to unload a bunch of junk. However, the reality is that I’ve always wanted a small side business that I could have some fun with and grow. The business didn’t end up working out for me and I’ve had this equipment sitting around for over a year. I’d like to get it into the hands of someone who can use it. There’s nothing “used up” or abused at all. I’m not looking to take advantage of anyone, nor am I looking to be taken advantage of.

The Stingray is included as is everything in the containers I took to customers homes when I provided service - including the containers. The carbon fiber WF poles alone came close to what I’m a asking for alone - and I’m throwing in all the system and all the other small things I needed that amounted to a nontrivial amount of money.




If you decide to separate out the hand tools and are willing to ship, I’d be interested in talking to you about it. Not interested in all the towels, but all the rest of the trad equipment.

You’d have to leave your number or an e-mail as you can’t do private messages on the forum.


I am in Texas and interested but learning about WFP. I do mostly residential, can you add the brazo wool attachment to that pole?


Call or text me at (469) 723-2736