For all you one man operations


Since most of the window cleaning businesses on here are 1 or 2 man gigs, I will separate this question for them.

How much do you [B]average[/B] nowLetter to Edge of Woods.docx (16 KB)Letter to Edge of Woods.docx (16 KB)Letter to Edge of Woods.docx (16 KB)


Doh, I selected the wrong poll item. Any way to erase your vote?

Let’s just say there should be one more vote to 3-4 grand per month.


I didnt see one for over 10K per month…

For me. I am a 1 man show, but I also clean carpets/ tile, So I avg. around $700 a day, Some days I do more windows than carpet, some days vice/ versa.


Mark you should be able to edit your poll… If you need help let me know…

Lance thats a pretty sweet daily average… congrats on that.


It’s CFP’s poll.

As a voter, there doesn’t seem to be a way to edit your vote. You can edit a post but once you’ve voted, you’re stuck with it. (Need I remind you of Bush! LOL)


Way to kick ass Lance!


no, you don’t :frowning:


I have a preset day scheduled, and try and “find” a way to exceed my expectations… and anymore if I do less than a $500 day, I feel as if I failed somewhere. since I started REALLY cleaning screens 10 years ago, it made for a nice “add-on” a way to really kick those mediocre days into serious money days! ;), a lot of people here seem to have chem for washing sreens that works for them, (more power to them). Bottom line is: Dont give it away!!! Time is $$$ guys. And by the way I love this site, great things to check out, ect. Very Professional! Props to Mods…:wink:


did you ever dial in that green screen cleaner…I’m still waiting:D


I sent u a PM Brennon


this poll are you looking for average across a year? cuz if i take this month, my one man crew may break $15000


wow! Crazy i thought i was doing good by breaking $10,000! Amazing, the amount of money you can make window washing never seems to amaze me.

Crazy was that mostly commercial or residential? I remember you where having problems with low ballers?


most of that possible $15 000 by end of May will be mainly because of a huge commercial job im doing that brings in close to $10 000. the rest is residential, and small storefront. and yes i still deal with lowballers daily.


Hey Lance, What do you use to clean carpets? I thought I would look into it one day until I talked to a Stanley Steemer dude. He told me the van with the equipment itself costs around a 100k, not to mention very very strict red tape and all kinds of other things that made me change my mind pretty quickly.


I messed up on mine also.

I pull in about 8500 per month and i am a one man show, i have no helpers at all

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