Fogged Glass. Any recommendations on products to use?


Hey fellow window cleaners, I have a chain of coffee shops that we clean on a bi-weekly basis. Out of their 14 locations, there are 2 that have an issue with the inside windows fogging up. It’s almost a mix of fog and some sort of film, because when you mop and squeegee it, the water is a whitish tint.

I wanted to see if any of you are seeing this. If so, is there a good product that we can use to prevent this? I think we can up sell the service/product because the facility manager has mentioned it as well.

Thanks guys!


Is there smoking in the premises?


Nope. NYS doesn’t allow smoking indoors. Which makes out route cleaning A LOT easier. Nothing worse than smoke residue.


Only guessing here but could it be whatever it is they are steaming up (condensed milk maybe?) is attaching itself to the glass somehow? If I were you I’d ask Henry Grover…he’d probably know


Humidifier may leave sort of a film,
But I don’t have a solution to prevent it.


Do they have roll up shades that are made out of a screen like material?


We clean a noodle bar which has the same white residue. (No smoking there either). In that bar the residue is from general cooking (grease and steam). It comes off with plenty of soap on the mop and careful squeegeeing.


If it’s Starbucks they have the roll up shades with a screen material. The screen material gives off a gas that fogs the window when the sun beats on it. If it’s out of the sun then it’s fine. But 4-6 hours of sun will do it.


Wow. That’s quite an insight!!


I have a similar situation, well I think it is anyway! Entranceway glass to an office block which has a ‘Subway’ style store a couple of feet away. Took a while to build up (and for me to notice) but there is a distinctive build up of what I assume to be airborne grease particles. It’s very fine and you only notice it if you were to look at it at an angle or rub a finger through it. Every couple of weeks I use a 0000 synthetic steel wool pad and something like Simple Green, let the solution sit on the glass for a minute, then use the pad, and clean as normal afterwards. Like YatesBuffalo, there is a whitish tinge to the water coming off afterwards. Doesn’t take long to build up again.