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So I went to a place to get my flyers done for me around March 28! Like last week. I wanted to distribute the Spring Special Flyers this week but the snow delayed it so I moved it up to next week (This coming week). They said yeah we’ll get it done, blah blah blah. I sent an email Saturday. No response. I called Wednesday on an update and the lady said “yeah we’ll call you with the preview on Thursday!” It’s Friday now. No call. I needed them for this week but Idk if it’s gonna happen tbh.

SO with all this said, I want to make my own flyers. Does anyone have any useful resources on how to do that? I don’t know where to start and this is my first year in business! Thanks in advance.


Do you mean content?

What did you tell the place you had tried placing order with?


I mean how do I make the design. What software do I use and how do I print it. I told them a lot of what I wanted on the flyer. They just had to make the design for me and include what I wanted.


I like Paint.NET

It is FREE and the user interface is similar to windows paint, which makes for a low learning curve.
It is OPEN SOURCE, supports many image formats, layers, and allows for custom plugins for various effects.

Just be sure not to click the big green fake download buttons in the ads.
Use the text link to download.

You should be able to figure out how to print your image.
You can change your canvas size to fit the paper you want to use, for your preference of portrait or landscape mode printing. You can check out their forum for tutorials and help.


Lots of them out there that work, but word in Microsoft suite works fine.

Print off your copy and go someplace that offers copying, like Staples or even a local print place. Have them print off as many copies as you want.

Tell the other place to eat a bag of d**ks. They suck.


Most any place should have some templates to work off of and sub out the text for your personal business. Get several done that way for the time being, then have a graphic artists design ones for your business. Cheap idea for that? Talk to an instructor at a graphics arts class and ask if he or she needs a live class project. Offer some form of payment for the winning design. You win with inexpensive design, the students win with a live project to compete on. :slight_smile:

#7 - design your own flyers, posters, facebook ads, postcards etc. Very easy. Upload your own photos and artwork to use…


@1984 ^^ super easy to use.


Thank you.