Fleet Tracking/Payroll Automation


I know there’s other threads, I didn’t spend a bunch of time researching them, but none seemed to go the route I’m hoping to.

@c_wininger had a post in one of the threads
here’s what i want:
track each employee’s hours by day, week, month and pay period.
track each completed job: total man hours and gross receipts
track mileage by day, week, month and year

I’d like to add to this that I don’t want it to be an app on a phone(s) because the location setting has to be turned on… Employees will forget. It also drains the battery really quick. And for myself makes my phone hot because of it working so hard to get the location data or something i guess…

I’m hoping to get OBD ii plug and play, or a connection that hooks up to the battery of the vehicle (if it’s not too expensive) with API connections if possible. (IDK how it’d work…) I’m hoping to have the data automatically uploading to an online portal or something for easier payroll calculations etc.

Who has fleets they’re tracking with a fleet management monitor? How’s it working for you?