First Time Resi Door-To-Door Sales


G’day Mate! Not for you especially. Tried to put link to varitech:
Have you tried HouseCall Pro? Sign up with my link & get a $100 gift card!

and this keeps popping up. Ok, I’ll head to my laptop… OK, switched from my phone to computer. SO, Varitech is in the south of England, and Dean Scott helped me get into my system, with carbon fiber WFP and DI system, shipping, and extras for about $1700US. For just the Dragonfly, you supply the WFP, 674.14 British Sterling, or at today’s exchange rate $891.91 USD, or $1144.08 AUD…



so yeah $1144, that is a huge chunk of change for what I could connect a 2liter pump sprayer to some rhino hose with a mister on the end, with a indoor mop kit on a pole done less than $50, I’ll just keep that other 1100 bucks thanks.


Forgot to tell him to keep HCP too.


[quote=“Trenchfeet, post:124, topic:44394, full:true”]
Forgot to tell him to keep HCP too.
My accountant tried to convince me of the same thing. If I had to choose, I might just dump the accountant. I really like HCP, and they continue to evolve, getting better and better. Let me make a prediction: Within the next two years you will employ a CRM (customer relationship management) if you aren’t already. HCP isn’t even nearly perfect, but it’s the best thing I’ve seen for making my little outfit appear professional.

Perception IS reality!


I too use a crm, maybe slightly early but I’ll grow into it. I had hcp and the lead service confused sorry.


I didn’t even know HouseCall Pro has a lead service. Are you referring to HomeAdvisor? Two completely different animals, both of which help me with my burgeoning business. AND, I have @Luke to thank for HCP.


Thanks man ! We love House Call Pro and glad its working well for you! did you use my promo code to save you some bucks ?


I definitely dropped your name. It was over a month ago, I don’t know if there was a promo code then or not. If so, I’m sure I did. NONETHELESS, I dig it!


thanks buddy!