First Time Resi Door-To-Door Sales


Can’t we all just get along? Plenty of glass for all.


Ohio. I’m not really worried about the no-compete. As has been stated before, they’re not really enforceable barring some extreme circumstances. Besides, I have a good relationship with the owner of the franchise. I want this to be a friendly endeavor, as much as it can be, anyway. I also have no interest in working the areas he services. I hate the city. This city in particular.

The more I think about it, the more I feel as though I would rather use window cleaning as a stepping stone to pressure washing. Seems like an easier thing to sell as well.


From what I see knowing how fish operates they’re doing storefronts for that dollar a pane which just kills the market so in that aspect they surely don’t do any good


Not sure exactly what that means. Haven’t there been several threads and discussions on this forum regarding storefront pricing? One dollar a pane in the middle of nowhere where cost of living is low versus five dollars a pane in affluent urban areas where cost of living is astronomical.

Most FISH owners and managers I speak with are the most expensive window cleaners in storefront in their market.


Not too sure about that last part. While my FiSH is far more likely to overbid than underbid, I have it on good grounds that they are the only ones nearby that are as such. The next nearest franchise owner apparently low-balls every bid, and they own numerous franchises throughout Michigan.


I can only speak for my area where I experience this directly and know personally 2 owners of fish franchises they are the cheapest in town by far here


@Fredled, you might want to rethink that. Go to
and check out the long list of problems, the need for more and more equipment, trucks, trailers, etc. Get a feel for how dirty PWing can be. And while there are more people cognisant that they need PWing than are aware of their dirty windows, most folks will rehire you in 6 or 12 months to do their windows again. REPEATS ARE SWEET!

Right now I’m doing more PWing than windows, and I am eager to turn that around when it gets a little colder. I’m weary of getting soaked, using strong chemicals that ruin my nice shirts

and who knows what long-term impact they will have on my health. I had a physicians wife tell me that chlorine (most used chem in the PW arsenal) damages the optic nerve over time. ANYWAY, the grass isn’t always greener on the other side, it just looks that way.


Damn dude, you really need some polyester shirts, All the clothes I wear will not bleach from the chlorine, except my socks.


A tree service knocked on my door once. I had a couple of trees I wanted removed so that worked. Used the same folks twice again and they did a great job. I refer them often.


You’re not wrong! OR, I need to focus more on windows, which might be the more prudent course of action.


Would you say that pressure washing isn’t worth the headaches?


I wouldn’t.
I’ve getting chlorine all over me for 20 years, you get used to it wear a hat and glasses to keep it off your face, eyes.


I concur with Steve. The ability to pressure wash is HUGE, and the results when you finish a really messed up green and black streaked house are HUGE. Nonetheless, as I am learning over on the other site, being a specialist and really good at specific things is a more prudent course of action. I love to be able to clean the green off of my customer’s front stoop when I’m done cleaning her windows. Not only will I return next year for a repeat, but I will likely get referrals from her. She’s already given me a recommendation on Next Door, and I just did her windows yesterday.

However, my intention was to specialize in hard to reach interior windows when I bought my Dragonfly:

This is where I need to focus my energy: expensive homes that have difficult windows, and businesses with atriums and other high glass.


I really wouldn’t even consider spending $1500 + on that system, if you already have a pole you could set something up for less than $100 that would do the same.

I found the guys on to do things a certain way, Where it would probably be good for those in the USA. However things are different here, materials that homes are made from is way different so with different construction methods lead to a different approach to how you would clean a surface also different environmental laws dictate how we cannot clean things like a roof the same way you would over there.

Yesterday I was watching the news and they were showing the fires in California, I watched as a fire started on the surface of the roof… I was like WTF! these shingles are just catching fire from the radiant heat from the fire that was close but not touching the actual house. I have personally never seen a shingle house in person all roof surfaces here are either sheet steel or concrete tiles.


I really wouldn’t even consider spending $1500 + on that system, if you already have a pole you could set something up for less than $100 that would do the same.

After thorough research, I discovered that I couldn’t recreate the Dragonfly 4 at any price. Beyond that, the Dragonfly 4 isn’t nearly that expensive if you already own your WFP and purewater system. I cannot say enough about how the professional image and performance of the Dragonfly can set you apart from the crowd! I say that it’s the most advanced indoor window cleaning system on Earth.


So I guess you like it a lot… :wink:

What limitations does it have?

(there is always pro’s and con’s)


Sure, there are always limitations. I must pack bottles of deionized water when I work unless I’m using my WFP outside as well. Also, they don’t include enough “mops” with the Dragonfly (be sure to order extras), and if the window is already filthy the Dragonfly works even less effectively than the WFP outside. It’s a bit cumbersome moving from pole to hand, but my Moerman Excelerator works best at arms length anyway.

I hope our friends at WCRA start marketing this beauty, because the biggest limitation is dealing with importation. THAT WAS A SERIOUS PITA.


IDK mate the only place I found it was over in the UK prices starting from over 1000 pounds inc vat whatever that is I know from personal experience hey charge 150 pounds for shipping for a small item,( when the liquidator first came out I requested a quote).

I don’t really understand why you could not rig a similar it just seems as its a backpack drink pack with a pump in it that mists the water onto the pad. Am I not correct


You ARE correct about the end result, a fine mist blowing up to 35ft (or more if you have the pole), but you may be wrong about it’s replication. Man, this thing is slicker’n snot on a door knob, and one heck of a marketing tool: THE MOST ADVANCED INDOOR CLEANING SOLUTION FOR WINDOWS AT HEIGHT ON THE PLANET

Have you tried HouseCall Pro? Sign up with my link & get a $100 gift card!


Was that for me… I live in Australia, not available here to my knowledge, even if it was doubt it would be for me.