First Review on New Swivel Squeegee Handle


Alex Welsh​ Ottra Pty Ltd

Hi mate I have been using it as much as I can and staff we are all happy with it

In particular the use of different size rubbers easy to change fits every rubber we use

It doesn’t feel flimsy in you hand

Can’t use it for pole work but I would say given the correct fittings it would be as good if not better than most we have tried

One member of my staff is new and had nothing to compare it with loved it as it’s easy to get used too

.And made him look like he had years of expensive

Out of the I0 i personally rate it a 8

And that’s about it review


So that is basically just the original wagtail squeegee correct?


It may look like a Wagtail squeegee.
But works completely differently.
Different swivel / pivot movement.
Also the ergonomic handle can be held many different ways, allowing you to swap the way you use it as you squeegee the glass.


Hmmm, looked like it rotates just like the wagtail


Fair statement.
You will only know the difference when you use it with the new swivel/pivot movement.
Although it is what they don’t see is what’s different to other swivels/ pivotal movements of other squeegees.

Realize most of our modifications look at seems that it would do nothing.
It is only when you use them you see the benefit.

No problems understand what you saying.
Until have made more prototypes so other people can try them to see what the benefit to having the unique swivel /pivotal movement.
In the video was able to grip/hold the squeegee 4 different ways when going down the window.
But the only way you would realize that is when you actually use it.


yea I have seen these. They swivel isn’t as free as the wagtail correct? I do believe that is the difference which in turn makes them not pole friendly unless you are just really determined. I may be wrong but I do remember hearing about these because of that reason. Seems like a nice tool. Thanks for the review.


Well anyway don’t know which one you are talking about this one is very pole friendly.
Coincidently also developed this swivel that can connect to water fed brushes.
Allows you to scrub sidewards (no up & down movement)
This also has many other applications.