First meeting with possible commercial account


I have my first meeting with a hospital’s maintenance manager tomorrow to discuss window cleaning. Any suggestions to make a good first impression?
So far I’ve thought to bring with a packet of info including references, proof of insurance, company history, a little info on the cleaning process, wfp FAQs. Maybe some coffee and donuts?
Any input would will be greatly appreciated


We do alot of hospitals, if you’ll be inside make them aware your staff is trained with HIPAA patient privacy policy, im sure you have there too.

Key to cleaning insides of hospitals is checking in with each nursing station and correct proceedures for the type of patient they have. Identifing isolation rooms so you do not enter. Always knock prior to entering and identify yourself as maintenance or window cleaner, even if you assume room to be empty.

Ask their policy on contractor badges or training, many have an in house short session.

Letting them know your staff is always in company uniform and badge if required for easy identification.


Thank you, I never would’ve thought of any of that. Do you normally wear masks while inside?


You don’t realize how hard it is NOT to do the Chris Farley impression “house keeping!” when you have to do it. Was doing a hotel and announced myself to every room and every single time I had to NOT do the voice.


No masks because the areas you would need it you wont be allowed into for contamintaion reasons.

We do have to fully gown up, head to toe and clean surgery windows after hours. These areas are minimal time though but is fun to see who gets delagated to go in, usually the guy who is always late. Lol.

Most hospitals has a form with infectious disease department to fill out. This is to protect patients in the form of opening windows which lets outside air inside rooms and if you will be doing anything tito disrupt or unsettle dust. These can be hazards to certain patients health.

Hospitals are a different animal inside


Actually outside scheduling is important with hospitals as far as patient privacy too.

Let them know you will give notice as to when you will be performing services so they can notify hospital staff so they can pull shades for privacy ahead of time if needed.

Ask start times for patient areas/rooms. Most days we start early as 5am, working common areas until 8am and move to patient areas then.

Much goes into your initial meet and introduction of you and your company. Show them you are prepared thought of everything.
This may separate you from the competition.


The meet and greet this morning went very well. I have until Monday to prepare a general bid for approval.
I don’t have much in my area as far as competition, especially on big jobs so hopefully the bid will be received.


Most hospitals are tax exempt, get their certificate for your records if awarded.

One of our many audits years ago found one of the 30 hospitals we clean I did not have the actual certificate in the file but in our area every hospital is exempt. We were gonna be excessed taxes on that if we didn’t provide it. Was a simple process to correct but always best to have everything on hand.


Hope you get the client @MorrisonWC

@jhans Jeff great replies, thanks for sharing your knowledge!


This is one of buildings I’m bidding. Those show the bulk of the windows. There’s 459 panes, inside and out. Any suggestions for price? Sorry I know this gets asked a lot.
I’m hoping to bid high for the initial clean and then sell them on maintenance cleans afterwards


I know it’s common here for guys to charge more for those initial cleans but I think it’s really only necessary if there’s a need for it. Place like that hospital likely has been being clean so it’s not any dirtier than it will be any other time and may not justify the extra costs.

Double check your numbers, when you have curtain walls of glass like that typically there’s spandrel glass mixed in. You probably have 3 rows of vision glass and 2 rows of spandrel glass. That spandrel glass will not be actual windows (cleanable) on the inside. It just helps you keep your bid tighter if there is a competitive situation. They are likely comparing this with another price already paid.


The building is only about 2 years old, according to the director of maintenance, his crew did a light cleaning after it was built and it hasn’t been cleaned since.
Yes there is 149 panes of spandrel glass.