First marketing campaign


If you had $200 to spend on some marketing material what would you use it on. Outside of business cards.

I understand that this is nothing compared to some folks budget. I am just getting going so take it easy on me. Just kidding!


If spend $0 and get @Chris book on marketing


This ^^^

  1. Gas - To drive around and leave business cards at local businesses and restaurants.

  2. Facebook ads(maybe. No idea how it works or how much)

  3. Newspaper listing.

  4. Just thought of a great one but I’ll hold on to that :wink:


$200 for 2500 door hangers @ 1% = 25 @10% =2.5 houses @ $300 ea = $700 -$200= $500 ROI



I got the free ebook and read it already. I guess its everything you need maybe I’ll read it over again. At the time I just read it because someone recommended.


Facebook Ads $5.00 per day
works wonders


I got off face book 7 years ago. However I will consider a business page. Thank you input Dan.