First job needing a lift


I got a call today to clean the courthouse windows. So I put a call into my insurance to see if there is a way for me to do this. So if I can do this I am going to need a lift, I think? What are your thoughts. What would you charge. How much would you charge in the ball park for this type of job? How do you handle renting a lift? If the job pays enough should I just invest in a water fed pole for big jobs like this? I’m open to all good advice. Maybe run?? Say heck no? Lol over my head?


WFP and gooseneck if these have been maintained. Otherwise I’d pass if I were you.

Yes, a life probably would be necessary but unless you have enough experience with a lift, and have looked over the surrounding terrain, this could end up costing you.


If you go for a lift, check out the terrain…grass is not your friend.
I’m assuming it’s outside only…minimum 600, 800 -1000.
It looks to be a wonderful wfp job, minimal ledges, minimal ground obstructions.
Get up close and personal with the glass and see the condition, it may need nose -to-glass.
Since your new to wfp, the building looks to be 3+ stories and that height, first time out WILL be a challenge.


I may have to pass this one up. I would have to pay for a wfp with this job or else it isn’t worth it to me. The lift seems out due to lots of grass and zero experience. Maybe in a couple years when I can buy a wfp.


I would use an articulated boom lift for this, grass is easy you only need a smallish lift for this you just need thick plywood to run over, a 2 person job 1 in boom, 1 moving boards.

Or a 40’+ WFP if the windows are in good shape, looking at the age of the building that would be quote hopeful.

I’d be at least $1500 + lift cost.


That could be done with a wfp and gooseneck extention. Call me if you need help.


Cruze, way to go even being considered. Some suggestions:

  1. Headache. Pass - “But thank you so much for considering me.”

  2. Lifts in your area rent for 400-900 a day. Do you have that kind of outlay ability; how long 'til you get paid?

  3. Call/ Chat with WCR. Notice they have payment plans for WFP stuff. But then you’ll have delivery time.



I just emailed him said I was at $3,000 minimally. If he wants me to really do it I want the job to pay cash for a WFP. I was honest and very professional. Said prices could change based on the windows. If they were bad on a building walk through. So we will see.


Did you base your price on how much it will cost to set you up with a WFP?


Pretty much lol. If I could do the job and buy a WFP I would do the job.


It kinda sounds like an earlier thread you started about bidding a school, with an arbitrary number so you can buy your dream gear.

For most of us we would bid the job at our pricing structure with what ever resource we had on hand or if we had the savings to purchase a tool that might make the job easier.

Even if you laddered that job I could not see it taking more than 8-10 hours


Your right. Only because this job might take you 8hrs or so but it would take me a lot longer. Plus my ladder to reach that sucks fiberglass 32’ ladder barely move that thing with one person and I’m a fireman lol. I also said that for this job because they just had construction done last fall. So the windows may be filthy. I’m not in a place where I can buy a WFP but if I got this job for that price I could afford the wfp. It’s a job to large for me at this point without better equipment. So I really priced the job to not get it. If I got the job I benefit by getting a water fed pole. But I was very honest in my email saying he could prob find someone cheaper in our large city a hour away. I said the only positive with me is I was a local small business. I totally do not expect to get this job. The school lol that was bad all around. I had never bid anything when I posted that. I just started the company. @Steve076


that was my reply to him.


I completely understand pricing high on jobs you don’t really want.

Being a fire firefighter you should not be unfamiliar with ladders, I can Hire a 40’ ladder for about $12 a day, if you need work any way to do the job =$$$ imho.


@cruzzer3 if you get the job I will be glad to help you decide the best system for your business. I would start with this information first