First CCU estimate! What would you bid?


If you dont have insurance youd be really ignorant to take on a CCU job period. You are very inexperienced and not having insurance proves that point. Dont expect to get this job or any other for that matter if you dont have insurance, and if you present yourself as a professional and dont have the papers to back it up, its no different than a scammer. My advice even though ive came off strong, is to not do anything untill youve got the insurance to cover the damages youre about to do. Harse but my intent is to get you to understand the mistake youre about to make.


You seem to know a lot of things you just don’t know…

You may not like my response, but there are MANY people who joined here and thought like you, to never be heard from again. They don’t come back here and say they screwed up/failed/went out of business. It happens all the time. Few businesses make it to 5 years. The reason being, they didn’t do things right, to be successful.

You can think you are somehow different, or because of YOU, you are going to be a success. But, the cards are stacked against you. You should NEVER do business without proper insurance. You might think it’s an unnecessary expense, but that’s your shortsightedness speaking for you.

You might think I’m talking smack (I’m not) but you aren’t putting food on your table either. Mine has plenty to eat… I was new once too. Big difference in how you and I started our business. You can’t start a legit business and start off on the right foot with 50 bucks.

The biggest problem with starting a business on a “shoestring” is you tend to live hand to mouth. That means several things.
1 You take on work you are not prepared for.
2 You take on work that is underpriced because you are desperate for income.
3 You live hand to mouth, and don’t invest back in your business. Those trivial things you think of like insurance, marketing and buying more equipment. aren’t going to happen.


I think you are in line with your pricing for what I see. I could probably knock that house out in around 8-10 hours since they already have the plastic protective sheeting on them and there will hardly be anything to clean on the windows. It’s a risk not having insurance and this may not be good advice in the eye of others, but I’m not going to discourage you from cleaning them as I started out the exact same way 25 years ago and insurance was not an issue with the contractor. To this day I still do ALL the ccu’s for that same builder, except I have insurance and way more experience. He is now a great friend and was a great mentor in helping me build my passion into a legitimate business. Offer to clean those 3 windows by the front door to prove you know what you are doing. Sometimes you just have to take a risk in order to build a business, like I did back in 1996 with $200 worth of supplies, a Buick, and no insurance. Print this thread out and take it to your builder, I bet $100 you’ll get the job.


Bid at your price. Get the work. See what happens. Wisdom has tried to save you the trouble. Let us know how it went. :sunglasses:


12-15 dollars per glass includes both sides


Yeah, I was a little rich and sarcastic on the bid. I thought, from the way it sounded, OP didn’t have laddering. So my whole attitude was expenses plus profit. Factored in traveling, overhead (insurance expense) time, equipment and supplies to make a profit after high taxes. When you’re struggling, it is important to make immediate money. Thanks and respects to all you pros.


If there are a lot of window cleaners in your area. You have to go sell yourself, be nice, be yourself, and find those people that want to deal with you. If this CCU builder is a friend, go for it. If he is not your friend, be very careful, so you don’t get taken. A lot of builders are cheap, and could care less about you. Some will sue you for petty reasons and you end up with nothing, but they got their work done for free. Others will claim window damage that you did not do. You, as the window cleaner can be held responsible. That’s why they say to get insurance. CCU is commercial cleaning, a whole different game than residential. Home owners are usually nice people. If not, move on. Don’t work for a jerk.


Some people take this business as a “joke” or come with a “who cares” attitude.

Think of this guy, or anyone similar say this:
“I got a job coming up to cut down a tree next to a house. I have trimmed a few hedges since starting my business. I don’t have a bucket truck, insurance, or any helpers, let alone experience. What would you fellow arborists bid? Oh, and I need income, so all that dumb stuff you fellow business owners might advise me on, will just have to wait. I feel I can be a success, so I will be.”

Scary right? From several angles…

I would like to see EVERYONE succeed in business. If I didn’t want to see that, I wouldn’t offer help and advice. But I find it really hard to baby people along when they won’t do the minimal things to be an actual business and look out for their interests or those of the client. The economy is doing pretty good and there are not long lines in the soup kitchens. So I fail to see why someone couldn’t in the least, start legit.

I am an advocate of starting your business part time while working a job if necessary. At least you can build momentum and get experience with some kind of safety net. At least that way you avoid a lot of pitfalls that many desperate people fall into.


Another common characteristic associated with this viewpoint is the income is cash in your pocket.

Taxes are a reality and something that if not addresses will come back to you in time.


@ComradeClean what happened with this job?


People with Insurance learn a lesson when there’s a claim made, it’s called Care, Custody, and Control. lol


I guess we will find out in 5 years lol


No one can take constructive criticism these days, too many feelings, and worried about what other people think. Call me old school but, whenever you were about to do something stupid somone would call you stupid or a dumbass for thinking about it, now people have feelings and you cant say those type of things or else theyll run off into the sunset throwing a temper tantrum about how " You’ll see when i take over this game!" :sob: well if its a game to you in the first place, that explains why you dont want to do it right. Use your cheat codes somewhere else bud.


I can’t believe you would call me stupid. I am so insulted.


I’m confident by the OP’s actions, we won’t be seeing them again in 5 years, let alone next year.

If they wanted to truly learn and grow their business, they would be here asking questions and interacting with others more successful then themselves.

Some people just don’t have the right mindset to be a business owner. It’s not for everyone, unfortunately.


There is no place on this forum for “Old School” and in 5 years you’ll find out why. That’s my best guess.


No insurance, no experience except 3 storefront accounts?

Turn that job down RIGHT NOW!

Find another company in your area and pass them the lead. Friendships are hard to come by, and the more friends you have the better.


You are spot on!