Fire hydrant adapter


I swear I saw a post here not that long ago about using an adapter to connect to a fire hydrant.
Can anyone point me in the right direction please?


Check over on PWR. Lots of threads on the subject there.


Thanks @Alex_Lacey, I knew I remember seeing somewhere, no wonder there was no results in search bar here.

Turns out after going to the fire dept, local council, local water authority. None of them have an adapter for thy hydrant I need to use only for underground hydrants and they want a $1400 deposit on that.
Was able to order the part I need from the local plumbing supplies for $80 and the water authority gave verbal permission to use the hydrant for up to 4 hours.


Verbal. Get it in writing.

“But…this guy said I could use it!”


When I asked every department they were all clueless, the plumbing supplies said he had just ordered in 6 of these for another customer.

But it makes sense to just email the guy at the water authority so he can give me something in print.