Ok, so for those of you that has been helping me. Last month I started my business. I made $50 or $60 off of the two store fronts I landed. This month I have almost $800 scheduled. Lot of different ways I landed the jobs but was cheap. Landed my first job off a facebook add that was running for 2 hours when I got the call. The second I dropped off a business card for a storefront and woke up to a text for gutter cleaning the owners house (more about this one later.) The third one I dropped a door hanger off and got a call a couple days later. I have only been able to get maybe 70 door hangers out so far. I am cleaning a storefront today, fairly large for 125. Got the wife to help so maybe I can get the job done quicker. Ok back to the gutter cleaning job. It was a one story home with low grade roof so it can be easily walked. I priced it at $199. But while I was there I quoted gutters, inside and out which was high priced then a bundle deal for gutters and outside only. I landed the bundle job gutters199 and 180 outside only windows. So im kicking myself for not putting a astrick on my door hangers for gutter cleaning. The bundle package worked wonders. Now when the other two houses contacted me about window cleaning they both went for outside only. I need to get the door hangers out but when I went out the other day the wind was so bad I ended up seeing my door hangers flying through the neighborhood. Finally the last thing is I WON THE MOERMAN WINDOW CLEANING GIVEAWAY!! BOOM!!


Congrats! Sounds like things are starting to come together for your, keep it up.


Are you comfortable with Moerman squeegees? There are some good posts if you need reference material.


Yea I have been using them since the day I started. Really liked the precision they offered so I learned with both types of squeegees.


so a full month now hahahaha. made myself laugh. sounded like I have been doing this for years.