Fellow YouTube Window Cleaner Vloggers



That was a sweet idea!.. I have a special place in my heart for the UK window cleaners…I clean windows for several clients from the UK…it is always fun talking to them. They find it weird here in the States that we only clean once or twice a year, where as over the pond they have it done every month…


What kind of money do they get for it over there?


@jonnyald @Trad-Man ^^^


generally speaking,its £1 per window ,per side. thats the baseline .so “a buck a window” in US speak. its been that price for longer than iv been in the biz [9yrs]

anything above that price is the gold ! anything below it youre not creaming it,youre either a silly fool,or praps the megolomaniac/strategist who is building a stonker of a round, filling the day chock full and THEN raisin the prices .


talking of low prices [in the UK] has reminded me ,a few yrs ago i met a resi window cleaner who operates below the radar. i came across him at a burger van. he was there for a meet up with his workers,there was 4 cars between them,each car had 2 workers. We had a brief chit chat ,acknowledged each other,but nothing said in any depth."keepin busy? " “oh yes” , that kind of talk
iv not ever seen him advertize Anywhere but i could tell they knew what they were doing,no signwritten van,no uniforms


Sometimes those types can be the most dangerous kinda competition for your business.

  1. You dont see them coming…

  2. They have lower prices.

  3. and worse then those things “they have skilled hands and know the trade”


I’ve been giving thought to working in “stealth mode” myself. I’d almost wager a competitor is more likely than a customer to call the number on my truck.


id second your wager ! first couple of years i started i too worked from an old car with homemade curling signs wedged in the side windows -folk used to run over a busy road just to ask me to clean their windows. RUN i tell you. i can only assume because i looked cheap and approachable.


I was one of them. No it all to well.


No not you Marcus… :wink:

I like your positive attitude brother.


Doesn’t pay to be negative. That’s what the devil wants, to keep you down.


Doesn’t pay to be negative. That’s what the devil wants, to keep you down


£1 for downstairs standard pane and £2 for second floor


no calls from your wrap…better add bubble guy!


Lol I’m glad I never spent the $$$ for a wrap. Just vinyl letters on the cap hatch. Even so, it was technically a waste.

I ask every caller how they heard of me, and of those who just saw the truck, I’ve never generated a job. Any call that turns into work so far has come from door hangers, website visits, and referrals.

Maybe if I had bubble guy my fortunes would have been better…


I have a question for all you guys who make videos, what the best method to hold the camera?

for me I wouldn’t want it to impede me in my work so i bought those chest harnesses for it, but you cant see pole work.


I have a Sony FDR-X3000 4k action cam (the steadycam is awesome). Depending on what I’m doing, I use a headmount, or tripod. The headmount will capture pole work really well, and my tripod is just a really small one, like 10" high or so


For now I’m using a head strap on mine. The angle is adjustable so you could get a perfect angle.I put trad on it and it’s been working for him for now.


indeed it has