Fast food chains


Hell yeah im biased, when windows look like shit and they say they have no need for a window cleaner and their employees do just as good of a job. Its just my area bro, its different everywhere.


I always call them out on this.
“We have do the windows ourselves”
“Maybe so. But I’m in here now because I saw from a distance that your glass needed some attention. You know it makes a huge impression on your customers when the place looks clean. And compared with your other operating costs my rates are negligible. How about I show you what I can do today for $x, and if you like it then I’ll be back each month for the same rate to keep this glass looking beautiful.”


Im a little more direct. "If your windows look that bad, how does your kitchen look? "


“(Looking at glass) Yes, I can tell.”

LOL my favorite


I used to do Walgreens and CVS for my employer years ago. See what I mean? “Years ago”–I think we did them once a month outside only and doors-- not bad jobs to do considering the route work is all close by them-- so you just stop and do a CVS or WG next to your other stores.

Same thing, “corporate wants to cut back on expenses”. I think another time was that they found a company that will PW the building, parking lot and they clean the windows (Which is totally understandable and a good idea anyway)-- But I find it hard to believe when the stores look like shit. LOL. Walgreens really took a turn down, CVS stores are always dirty. I don’t shop at either, just use their bathroom while on the job LOL


And sometimes fill my bucket from their exterior hose bib :smiling_imp:


So they’re done with window cleaning or is there a chance to still land CVS or Walgreens


Had a few fast food chains in my pocket, but I realized it’s a penny-pinching type of job; meaning they want a first class window company that’ll do it for beer money. Basically I only work for business owners willing to pay my rate (get what you pay for high quality and great communication). But to tell you the truth, I actually shy away from these $50-$80 bottom-dollar fillers. Guess I’ve been in the trade long enough to be able to actually say it.


Ive never had a nibble at a Walgreens or cvs.


Well, I didn’t want to state that one LOL-- you know it! Hey man…sometimes a good faucet is hard to come by!


Oh I have no idea, they cancelled service a few years ago. My employer did about 15-20 of them in the area once a month. I can tell they don’t get cleaned regularly, they look like crap. But hey, “cutting costs” (And paying their employees terrible) is all that matters to many of these corporate chains. They were easy to do, I just would stick them with a Ledger (Ledge-Eez from Ettore) and they would only take 25-35 minutes. The most difficult is the entrance way…these stores are busy and those damn entrance way automatic doors…if you are lucky you can “break” them so you can clean one side of the doors in and out while keeping the other side operational for customers. Then you have to do the drive through-- you ever been to a CVS or Walgreens mid-afternoon? You are behind 2-3 cars, sometimes you can pull right up though. But hey that isn’t all, now go look for the manager to get your paperwork signed off. They are there somewhere in the back, or on register with 8 customers waiting. Needless to say, I don’t miss doing them-- I’m not a big fan of commercial. LOL


Lol… Ha can so relate. You have to have your spots. Not going to go through the idiosyncrasies that make it the spot, or not the spot :man_facepalming:, but many of times left a center just to go to the spot :rofl:


Years ago I had up to 7 CVS sites under the same DM. They dropped me on 6 of them and kept me on one for another year or 2 because it was exceptionally difficult for a slack jaw to do. The one in my town relocated to a brand new building a few years ago and I can’t say I’ve EVER seen them clean. They may truly never have been properly cleaned.


I wouldn’t recommend “breaking” the door as holding automatic doors can actually break them, many automatic doors are quite heavy. Have seen them come off their tracks or slipping a chain, neither of which are a quick nor easy or cheap fix, they will require a trade who specializes in that field, which if you are doing a foyer of a commercial building early morning and you happen to break the door as thousands of people are about to enter you will have a great deal of unhappy people.

Always get the key /code or whatever is used to stop the doors in the desired position.


CVS never cleans. A while back I got a bunch of calls to give them a cleaning. I gues the DM was coming around ,an they needed them cleaned. I really only wanted 2 of them to stay on service , because the rest were just to for off the beaten path.
I hit them hard for the Cleanings , but gave a sweet price for the ones I wanted for a maintenance wash. I only ended up getting one for a maintenance , they canceled 6 months later
It’s funny I was recommended by this guy name Sal. Everyone kept saying ya Sal recommenced ya. I was like cool , Sal great guy tell him I said hello. One guy started telling me stories about him. Till the day don’t know who the hell he is. :man_facepalming:


Hammered a Walgreens right by my house for some time. “Oh, we have maintenance men from the company come in once a month and clean the windows.” Yet, the entrance is always cob-weby, leaves everywhere, nasty, sandy windows…pitiful looking. I go there often, never changes. They get good traffic, but obviously don’t want to spend the money to get them cleaned. The store is surrounded with windows. I offered to do the entrance for 40 bucks. I would want at least 120 to knock out the store. Just have to keep looking at a nasty entrance. They don’t care, yet the place is always busy. I just shake my head.


Place is always busy. You said it yourself. They are making the same money clean or not. Why spend money on cleaning them? I get your side but I get theirs too.


“Breaking” the door means going to the one side, and lifting open the partition-- which would be the part of the entrance door that “opens and closes”-- not the stationary side piece. So in essence you are cleaning one of the doors in/out and leaving the other set open for customers to go in and out. I did all of them that way if you are during them and its midday and you have on average 20-30 people coming in and out in a period of 5 minutes and shutting them off is not an option. Not actually “breaking” them, they open with very little effort and it becomes a bi-folding door I guess.

A picture would help what I’m saying. The area I outlined in that picture-- the doors can be shut off with the knob that is above the door on the inside. However, when it got too busy you can’t have people “waiting” on you to finish-- that is a hindrance to the customers. So I will “break” the partition (It’s the same thing door maintenance guys do to grease them up 6-12 months a year)-- that way I slide the door to the left or right, and leave an open entrance way and no customers waiting on me to finish cleaning them. And you are right, if you don’t know how to do that properly without having that get off track, you shouldn’t do it that way. But as stated, I think we serviced them for about 5-7 years.

Most of the WG and CVS can be done in 20-25 minutes with sticking them (with Ledger) and maybe a 6 footer to get behind those dreaded Redbox posts. Outsides only, insides you got more problems-- ESPECIALLY with the product racks that are always near the windows. I normally just stuck them halfway and went up with my 6 footer to close out all windows.