Fakers in the industry


Nice, a clean ride is a happy ride!


No work today !!


I’m faking it :wink:

A ‘triple threat’ today: gutters, power wash, and windows. Done with gutters and washing, now just to make some glass sparkle


Office work today , body needs rest . It’s going to be a crazy fall


No work today Skip. Ya just bummed out , an watched the game , then did some office work.


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Get that truck lettered up @Skipper


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i totally understand the “fake it till you can make it” , id think every window cleaners done that in the early days[when you really have little idea but by golly you want to make it work ], this is a right of passage . But a proper faker never gets his act together, never builds things up. instead as soon as he realizes this job is hard work, he backpeddles and slides into “acting the part” and carries on like that. iv worked in several different industries before taking up window cleaning and never noticed it so much in these.Although i did hear a guy boasting about driving a land train across Australia/ almost winning the TT races 2 yrs running this was only bar room talk , he didnt go so far as to have the paperwork on him
Window cleaning really seems to attract the walter mitty . im sure many of you have come across a guy who spouts “i had a 1000 customers,once … but then it rained…” as he draws wistfully on his cigarette . But when you buy the van, buy the website,spout on the forums about the 20k leaflets youv ordered ,cruise the highways and byways- But dont go and clean , youve gone too far in my opinion


if ever you have doubts about a windie go look at his website. a faker most Always covers a huge demographic area . if you contact him pretending to be a prospective customer he wont take the bait,even if you have a big house and are quite happy to pay whatever it takes.


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wasnt that [pressure washing guy] musgraves exposed as a proper faker. im sure i read somewhere the truth of his empire was one tatty old trailer perched up on bricks .prior to hed been boasting of multiple crews with big rigs tirelessly working thru the night cleaning drive thrus in Arizona -and beyond


Reminds me of high school when no one would ever say what they could actually bench press


So my question is … What does one gain from this. I know there are people out here that always want to make it seem like there something there not to feel good about themselves an impress others, but I just never understand it.
I could give twi shits what someone thinks about me if I’m not up to the level they perceive is in there mind exceptional.
Just be who you are …I’m a beginner it’s just me an working hard to try an grow. What’s wrong with that
I don’t know why peole would go through these great lengths to try an impress like your saying
Probably there insecure with themselves , an low self-esteem .
I’m I this business 20 years I am know where near the type of business some have on here, but I could care less. I mean don’t get me wrong I want to be successful I am in a way , but don’t need to make like I’m doin better than I am.
F U. Guys don’t care what you think. Ha JK… I care just not going tell you I have 3 trucks 6 guys on the pay roll, an office an a hot secretary :tired_face:


The key my friends is to only ever reveal GROSS profit :wink:


If you can’t bench 500 you’re just a faker.


I curl 500 … That’s just a warm up set


i totally agree,just be who you are . i respect guys who are parttime same as if you are fulltime .long as u do clean windows but once you cross the line into fakery theres no going back it seems. youve decided not to do the job but prefer to talk about it instead. the time spent in the industry goes from 3 yrs to "iv been in this 20 years , 3rd generation " . "worked the kebab shops in the erly years the ruff n tuff days[sigh] " reality was you Ate in every kebab shop in town. Thats reminded me , a while ago a windie not too far from me posted he enjoyed a full english breakfast at a local eaterie every day before hitting the streets . and was on 1st name terms with the waitresses. For somebody whose been in the industry a long time its strange i never have seen him cleaning . Too busy eating!


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Speaking from experience, Skip? Sounds a little like my story… “fake it till you make it”