Fabricating debris in Europe


Is there a serious problem with fabricating debris in Europe like here in the US?


ive not seen any in my time (4yrs) here .


You have to keep in mind tow things - the building boom here in the States has contributed greatly to the abundance of the poor quality glass we see. Europe has had a much slower pace of construction so there would realistically be less to find and or deal with over there. Secondly - they are less aware of the issue as a whole so what they do run into gets blamed on other things instead of the real culprit FD.


I agree, I think we do have it, but most of us have never heard of it. I’ve certainly noticed a gritty sound when using a scraper before, and have wondered if it is fab debris. Also, I have noticed on a lot of newly installed windows a number of light scratches, which for some reason the homeowners don’t seem to report to the installation company. Maybe because of this leniency on the part of the homeowner that installers and window cleaners get away with it over here.


Thank you. FD is a puzzle to me and I’m trying to put the pieces together. I’ve never run into it knowingly, but it looks like a waiver is a necessity here in the US and Canada.


Yes it is here. I’ve seen the scratches & heard the sound. I think as plate glass gets bigger it will be more of a problem. The best glass I’ve seen here is German. We probably suffer more from blemishes & failed seals.


John, a waiver is vital. If you want I can send you mine to look over. Just e-mail me at anewviewia.com@gmail.com


Thanks, Tony, I’ve been looking at Dan Field’s waiver and others. I’ll send you an email.