Ezpure caddy issues


Ro filter only removing between 60 and 65 percent of tds. Less than 10 hours use since purchase, any ideas to why this would happen? I am following the instructions as per manufacturer. Any thoughts would be appreciated, thanks.


Maybe not enough water pressure feeding the RO? RO’s do require certain pressures to function properly and if you aren’t getting enough you may need to look into a booster pump. If you have a way to check your water pressure I would do that first.


Pressure should be fine. I have a pump but it isn’t usually needed. Mid job yesterday my tds suddenly hit 40 and started making the windows all white-ish with minerals that aren’t easy to remove from the glass. The input pressure was between 40 and 60 the entire time. The output dropped to almost zero and then when it came back the water was bad. My only guess is the filter must have failed. After a couple minutes it started looking like it was just leaving spots like the di was in need of changing. That’s when I tested the ro and it was only removing 60 %.


Hey @dan3, at your convenience please call Travis at RHG ‭(303) 663-1779‬ Ext 7003 to trouble shoot the issue with him.


Check to make sure you have the right size Gate Valve…
That happened to me. (wrong one was shipped)