EZ pure caddy troubles


It’s very rare that I get enough pressure (gpm) to wash windows effectively and efficiently with my 4 stage caddy. I use it with a Tucker rinse bar and the water coming out seems to just trickle, not even getting over the brush. The pressures a little better when I just use the 4 pencil jets. Is this because the water has to go through 2 ro’ s? I’ve wasted so much time trying to figure this out and am regretting purchasing it at this point.

A friend of mine has rhe xero pure and has no problem with pressure and we work in the same cities. Should I get a booster pump, would that help? I feel like I’ve been false advertised.

If I should get a booster pump I think battery one would best? Any recommendations?


Make sure your incoming flow is good. I don’t have experience with that system, but the pump in a box might be the way to go.


Ever try 2 pencil jets to see how much better the pressure is?


Yes, the thing is two pencil jets only come over n nylon and I like the Tucker hybrid brush for extra scrubbing power, and that only comes in 4 jets, not 2.