Extendapole system


Has anyone else been following there purification system…the whole thing seems to be a lot different to what is on the market here .
They claim to have a better system and that TDS is misunderstood. I’m not claiming to be a expert, I am fairly new to the wfp scene.


I looked up their system. It’s a DI with a special pre filter. Nothing special that I could see. Surely would NOT replace my RO/DI.

Besides the DI cartridge seems incredibly SMALL.


There on Instagram with daily posts it seems… I’m just wondering how the system works ,it seems like it shouldn’t work.


What features does it have that make you say that?


A very small ro and di with no visible prefilter and no booster pump…


Unless I actually KNEW someone with a unit, I would take all you are seeing posted with a grain of salt.

I know nothing about the main filter. But I’m sure it is quite expensive and proprietary. I personally would not trust that it would filter water like an Axion filter either.

And like I said, that DI filter is very small.


I’m mostly curious on how it works, not trying be critical of the product. I do have my doubts though.


This is what I could find out about it, I assume this is the right thing, since you never linked the item

and some further research

From what I could find it seems like either would do what we require as window cleaners, I guess it comes down to cost at the end of the day.


I guess I didn’t no there was a thing called ultra filtration that’s different from reverse osmosis… thanks for the research .

It’s 2,250$ Australian so whatever that works out to be and there not available here anyway I just thought it was interesting.