Exploring Innovative Products for the Window Cleaning Industry, A Glass Smart Meet


There will be an informal meet at the 84 Diner towards the end of March. Attendance will be limited so we are looking to see how many will be able to attend. There will not be any charge. Just bring an empty stomach so you can help out the Diner. I am working on having a few different manufacturers attend for the talks. Along with a few window cleaners. Then we will be having some demonstrations including my “spin float glass restoration system” with a slow release cerium oxide ring/pad. The goal is to spearhead a resurgence of innovative thinking and bring out new products. Please join us.



I had to Google the diner. Any interest in having a meetup at a Wecks?


Jared. When this movement gets moving and I need more write offs to keep my AGI down to keep my medical and disability going;…you got it!