Excellent headphones for work


Opinions vary on this, but personally I was against listening to music at work because I don’t feel it looks as professional. Also, I want to hear my environment, especially a customer trying to get my attention. I found the perfect solution:

They are bone conduction headphones, so there’s nothing on or in your ears. They conduct the sound through your cheek bones. As a result, you can can listen to your music and still hear everything around you. Plus, it doesn’t look like you’re listening to anything and not approachable.

Other great thing is they are bluetooth and have a built in mic, so you can take calls hands-free and continue working. Makes it much easier to look at your phone for the calendar or other stuff while in the conversation.

They are ultra lightweight, the battery life is great and the sound quality is surprisingly good. You don’t have deep bass and the volume is moderate at best, but those are the only downsides. If you have any of the same concerns as me in regards to listening to music while working, I definitely recommend checking these out!


i just use bluetooth Lg’s

im in the desert southwest and there’s amazing hospitality down here.

i wear them too answer calls while driving or working plus i losten too audiobooks. most of the time im wandering around alone doing commercial. when i see someone approaching i remove an earbud to be ready for any exchanges

i’ve never had an issue using headphones or any customer complaints. our other services we are using machines so we like having headphones to help.


imo they still look like headphones. i can also still hear my surroundings i dont blast any audio

they look interesting

i have some cool waterproof headphones for when im swimming. has like 6gb onboard storage but its also bluetooth. as long as you swimming on surface youll have reception


I have used many different headphones over the years. I take up to 20 calls a day sometimes. I wore the Apple earbuds the longest and found the sound quality for me and the other person was the best. But when the Airbuds came out I was the first to order. I had to wait four months to get them. They are by far the best quality headphones on the market. Simple and features that just make since. The quick recharge is my favorite as I wear them all the time.


I just use a single ear Bluetooth device. This way it does look like ear phones so I look approachable and it’s only in one ear so I can still hear my surroundings with the other ear. If a customer talks to me I just push the button on it and it pauses what I’m listening to.

I would only wear ear phones (both ears) outside where I am not likely to be disturbed.


are those the airpods?

ive wanted some but they look like earings from afar lol


Yes Apple AirPods. I see there are some knockoffs out there now


Yep, AirPods for me too. I just wear them one at a time. One in my ear one in the charger. That way I am never out of battery and I can hear everything going on. I like them but I have come close to losing one a time or two



Joe. I also use to rotate them but then I realized how quick the recharge is on them. Insanely fast so most time I where both and can get 3 recharges a day from the pod