Ever see gutters like these


High end home


Yes. They are not uncommon here.

I have a customer who has these that go into these large pottery vase type things (4’ high 2’wide) full of small gold fish and aquatic plants.


Actually a very old design. Pretty retro.


Yeah, the ones I see are more ornate shaped in… ‘shapes,’ creating a waterfall effect.
(leaves, triangles, etc…)

That one’s kind like what a ceiling light fixture hand from.


Rain chains. I see them more on modern contemporary homes. Not very common but I have a few customers that have them instead of traditional downspouts.


See often.


Coach lights need cleaning, and “Charlie Brown” tree on right needs some definition in edging. Sloppy.

Maybe an “add on?”/“While we are here?”




Never seen them before. Interesting.


Not really a thing in TX, they work best in light to moderate rainfalls such as the NW.


They work by capillary action. Water adheres to the chain. An aside…when fitting a water butt to a standard downpipe, fit the downpipe outlet at the same level as the butt inlet. For the same reason water will pass into the butt through capillary action and return to the downpipe when the butt is full. This avoids the butt overflowing. Often I see the butt inlet set lower that the rainwater pipe outlet as the fitter assumed that water will only flow downhill. That way the butt will overflow when full rather than return water to the downpipe…


About half the houses we do have them.


I guess I been under a rock, I never seen anything like it. Looks pretty cool to me.