Ever have this problem? Blehhh


So as we all know, some days are slow and some days are slammed. Just depends upon what you have scheduled. Well tomorrow I have a HUGE job to do that is going to be ALOT of work and for some reason I’m still awake when I have to be up at 7. Does this ever happen to you?? Seems like when I have a huge job coming up I can’t sleep when I need to be getting rest but days I only have like a dozen storefronts or only one residential job, I am knocked out by 8 pm. What’s with that :expressionless:


Your brain needs to stop working, there are things you can try google it, I had to today as I got no sleep last night myself concerned about a family member and had to do a full 8 hours today, really felt it going up hills and ladders. I’ll be downing a 6 pack tonight that will get me to sleep LOL


Nope don’t have that problem getting up at 7, since I’m up at 4:15 every morning like clock work, it use to be 5:05am when my dog was around.

It’s anxiety your dealing with, because your dealing with a job that’s out of the norm, the best suggestion I can give you is once a job like that is schedule work out the job in your head from when you pull up to to when your driving away. Then focus all your energy on the next days jobs. It will help some.


Yeah man. I’m not about the whole “empty your brain, be one with the force” or whatever.
However, there does come a time when you just have to stop thinking. For your own sanity.