Ettore Super Channel Not Fitting Well in Moerman BOAB?


Hello everyone,

I’ve been using the Moerman BOAB for about a year now, and the Ettore Super Channel about 6 months or so. I like both. But, It’s a very tight fit to put the Super Channel (I have the newer gold one) in the Moerman BOAB. I have to twist it to a certain angle and it’s still a VERY snug fit. I feel that the rubber is getting worn out faster due to this well. Am I the only one with this issue? I’ve used a Ninja BOAB and Pulex BOAB before, but the Moerman fits my needs best. I would rather not have to give up the BOAB or the channel here… Thanks.



I have the exact same problem, started putting the squeegee in the hammer loop of my work pants instead.


Good to know that I’m not the only one. I have a drill holder that I use for outside work, but I’d like to have a solution for the inside work, too. I guess I am either switching to Alumax channels or Ninja BOAB… Oy.