Ettore Rubbers


I’m not saying it’s Sorbo’s fault… I love Sorbo products, I’m one of his biggest fans… And I agree with you on the manufacturing, depends on where it’s being done. Sorbo doesn’t strike me as someone who want’s to put out cheap stuff, he’s got a rep to uphold…


That was me today. Yesterday, just crushed it. Cleaned every job faster than ever and used half the water. Wasn’t a window cleaner, i was an artist. Today, just struggled all day with everything. Everything went wrong, I hurt myself multiple times, and all the while had to pee so bad but the homeowner wasn’t in. Rough day.


You see, that’s why I finally got a van, so I can duck inside in case of an emergency… :slight_smile:


Fortunately, the windows on my truck are tinted. :wink:


Sounds terrible to mention this on a public forum, I’ve been stuck in some random places cleaning windows with no bathroom access… So a man has to do what a man has to do sometimes… :slight_smile:


LOL oh the reality! :wink:


That just means you’re not sweating enough.


You’re right… I should get some overalls. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


Or you can just tinkle whenever you want and say that your boab spilled or something.




Ive been looking for this thread , we have noticed our rubbers are burning out much faster. Noticed it about 4-6 months ago.


Dagnabbit… I gotta call and order more rubbers… Thanks for the reminder


You’re right …the rubber quality has gone down hill. Ive always been able to get around 1 week out of each side of rubber. Now it seems i get 1 week out of both sides


this rubber was new on wed. The rubber is getting strange “spider web” marks at the ends that i have never noticed before .


I emailed ettore about this , they said they have not changed their rubber one bit. So …maybe time to look for a new company.


Maybe we’re just consistantly cleaning more glass this year. Idk


A thought, rubber formulation may not have changed but what about glass/frame surfaces? Or is it wearing out quicker on the same glass you’ve always cleaned?


Same glass mostly. although have noticed at least here. It’s a really bad pollen year. Last year was pretty bad too


Same glass and style frames for the most part. If anything less use now that we are using wfp more.


Same soap as before?