Ettore Excelerator - Best Swivel Tool



A train wreck. This quite honestly made my eyes glaze over but before commenting I hit the ‘archives’ grabbed all my old channels and tried them on the Excelerator. 1.Ettore Brass, even on its own without Fliq is simply too heavy for this handle. Throws the balance and feel off totally. Didn’t even bother with the Fliq. Why control a brick with a tooth pick. 2. Ettore SS was little better. 3. Unger SS was just wrong.

IF you really really can’t get on with the Liquidator then the one channel that felt absolutely perfect (for a standard channel) was both the 14 and 16 Steccone Featherweight Aluminium. Pivot position on the Excelerator perfectly matched the weight and feel of these channels and the glide and control was effortless. You will still have to do some cloth detailing however.


Maybe I should do a video of how to attach the fliq to an ettore channel that fits in a wagtail handle…


SteveO did one a few years ago… and I had the same opinion on that one as well…


meh maybe your opinion is a train wreck. I prefer the tool with an ettore channel too. :slight_smile:


with zero detailing :cowboy_hat_face:


Actually Luke my opinion is just as valid as your opinion and the fact that you prefer it doesn’t make it correct. All squeegees hit a sweet spot with balance and the sweet spot with Excelerator (oh, and also the Ettore Contour Pro) is the Steccone Channels (if you can’t master the Liquidator that is). Now understand that I’ve experimented with your and Steve’s preferred options and categorically believe they are wrong. Because of that I’m putting forward my findings. The fact you both use them on pole probably negates the balance and weight issues to a large extent but they are there. The pivot point is too far forward on the Excelerator and too loose and free to give consistent positive feel on the turns. Unless careful and deliberate, it will jack knife. I called it a ‘train wreck’ because I took the time to test all options out. Try the Steccone Channel, you may be surprised.


I tried yesterday this method and really liked it!
The liquidator is perfect for windows with sills (I’ve seen the British windows and I understand they love the liquidator) but in my country there’s a lot of other type of windows. With any kind of rubber it wears out faster then regular channels. The liquidator hasn’t been a huge sell success here.
I didn’t have to do very much detailing yesterday.
And in my opinion: The non-detailing thinking has gone a little overboard on this window cleaning forums.


The method I have absolutely no issue with Jonathon. If that suits your particular workflow? No probs. It’s the choice of heavy channel in combination with the handle. It works yes, but there are much better options that will dial into Excelerator and allow it to work as it was designed both on pole and in hand.


Your opinion is just as valid as next. I just thought your opinion sounds like a train wreck. with more practice you’ll get it. The stainless channel is what I prefer…Steve likes the brass you like the liquidator ect. Nobody is right or wrong. Whatever works for the end user.


Exactly! I was literally ripping and shredding rubbers like crazy with the liquidator. It’s just not a good channel for all types of windows. For nice new windows its awesome , I personally think the channel itself that bob designed is great. I just wish they offered a option for the market CLIPS OR NO CLIPS. They have lost some customers over this in my opinion.


I’m trying to get Moerman to offer the excelerator with an option of a standard channel or the liquidator. On the manufacturing side it would be easy…just don’t put the clips on and cut the channels longer. I hope they offer this soon…


I’ve been using the Ettore and/or Unger stainless channels on liquidator handles for over a year now for pole work. I’m breezing through jobs faster than ever…


Just curious buddy, did you use soap on the fliq pad or glass? Hope your well


Humm, interesting. Why not just have another channel without the clips and the rubber cut to fit?

I’ve got my cut stainless ettore channels and I use them for everything. So I’m really curious why/when you want a normal cut channel versus the end clips?


With or without the fliq pad? Pole or in hand?


only because the channel bob designed has the groove for the clips that hold the fliq pad


hey man! Yes I did try that did work much better


Awesome! Yeah adding the soap to the applicator is great for slip so makes that rubber last a bit longer :slight_smile:
How s things?


Man, I love how 2 commonly used slang words ‘down under’ can be misinterpreted as an insult to individuals. As a LAST comment from me let’s clarify this. The MOD is a ‘train wreck waiting to happen’. The channel is TOO heavy (which is exacerbated by adding a wet Fliq Pad) and applies too much stress to the Excelerator handle, particularly, angle change and pivot point. Whether its works or not is irrelevant. It’s a mismatch. Tractor tyres on a Ferrari if you like. I don’t need to ‘practice’ with it as it’s a combination I would never use but the Steccone Channel as an option to Liquidator does retain the balance, feel and accuracy and so if I really disliked, or couldn’t master Liquidator then that would be the natural solution. For all you Ettore Channel fans the Steccone is an Ettore offshoot extruded in Alumininium with a strengthening ridge along the leading edge. Steccone (soft) or Ettore (Medium) rubbers work perfectly and the rubber is retained with the standard brass retention clips.