Ettore Contour Pro+ handle with Unger S-Channel Plus combination - thoughts?


I had no problems. Realised it would be optimised for Ettore channels which of course can be slid in from one end. Unscrewed bottom plate seated and centred channel and bolted it all back together. Kept snicking it up until there was no movement. All good…


Money well spent indeed.


I used it some more today with the high flyer merge. I’m going to do some more mods on it anyway.


I agree, i’m just spewing that was the handle that i lost a month or so ago and they are not cheap


Hi Eric (is that your first name?)

I noticed that in the shop when I was having a play around with one. The tensioner didn’t seem to make any difference - the same as you experienced. Perhaps email Ettore and ask them about it. I’m about to purchase four of these, so I’m interested to find out about this myself.

On another note.

When you bought gear off WCW in the UK, how did you go about converting $NZ to Pounds Sterling? Did you go to your bank and have to purchase Pounds, with all the fee’s? Or did they WCW send you a PayPal request, and you just worked out the current exchange rate and paid by Visa card?

I haven’t purchased anything from the UK before, so I’m not sure how to go about it. I have bought stuff from America (JRacenstien) and Australia (Window Cleaning World) though. Any advice would be welcomed. I bank with Kiwibank, and I’m not going ahead with the purchase until after I get paid out on the 20th of this month (I hate this 20th thing). Thanks.

Graeme Hibbard.
Christchurch, New Zealand


No biggie with the tensioner. I chatted to a few other guys and it appears that it simply doesn’t work. Bizarre they have not either fixed it or dispensed with it.

I only use Paypal. I personally don’t care about the exact amount. I just approximate with the conversion on the day. Never dealt with WCW. UK I’ve used Bladeright ( best, he’s very reasonable with his freight) and Cleaning Spot.

Be aware that our customs are tightening up, I got hit with GST and charges from my last order thru Windows101. TIP. Make sure that freight is separated on your invoice and their declaration as I got whacked twice because customs calculated and charged GST on freight separately. Most annoying…


I’m not GST registered. Will that make any difference? 15% extra would be painful though. I can see my budget blowing out big time.


Nope, if you do get diverted to customs they’ll still ping you. It’s just means you won’t be able to claim it back.


Guys this Ettore handle is brilliant with the Liquidator,it’s the best handle I’ve used for closing out.I gave it to a friend to try and he’s someone who doesn’t like the Liquidator channel and he loved it in this handle.


I saw on one review video that apparently the spring tension can make it prone to just spring out fast and slap into the side when closing out toward the window frame?

Is/was that your experience with this handle?

I think it’s mentioned here too.


I’ve been using it a good few months and I haven’t had that problem.


Hey Julian, great to see you on here… seasons greetings to you sir. All the best to you and yours for '17…


These are quite old videos and I believe in the first run of this handle they had some spring and/or mech issues. Resolved subsequently I believe although the non functioning tensioner continues to bemuse me.


Same to you and thanks :blush:


TradMan from the UK posted this video on the Ettore Contour Pro+ and Liquidator 2.0 combo:

Thanks TradMan.

Graeme Hibbard.
Christchurch, New Zealand


@Trad-Man ^^^

Your famous Pete!


Hi Jonathan.

In your experiment with Contour Pro+ with Liquidator 2.0 channel, what was it exactly that broke? The screws? Did the screws thread or snap? Or was it something else? Because I noticed in one of the diagrams/image-notes, it said:

Quote: “you won’t be able to tighten the screws as much as it was originally.” (after the change over of plates)

Meaning perhaps, the length of the original screws, in the change over to a different/wider non-Contour Pro+ plate, could’ve been the problem?

Short screws + fat channel = break?

Because it seems to be indicating that even with an Ettore channel, that there’s less room for tightening of the screws. Meaning an even fatter channel (i.e. Liquidator) would give even less length yet again (perhaps). I don’t know for sure.

So I’m wondering if the original Ettore screws are simply to short to accommodate the fatter Liquidator 2.0 channel? And (perhaps) that’s what caused the plate to:

“broke loose”


So maybe (just maybe) some longer - NON ETTORE - screws, of the same thread size, might, with there extra length, accommodate the fatter Liquidator 2.0 channel?

So, longer screws + fatter channel = work?

Your thoughts?


haha lol I’m terrible on camera but if it helps someone out then that’s great!


I like your videos bro!


I really liked the video, I also had the same set up as you until I lost it, :frowning: but I cut mine down to 16"
I thought to myself, why not just finish on the side if you can’t close out on the bottom?
But I really liked the liquidator channel in the pro + handle it works really well and you can also lock it in at 0 degree and its articulated(swivel).