Ettore Contour Pro+ handle with Unger S-Channel Plus combination - thoughts?



Just wondering if anyone has tried (or is using) this combination together, and whether the Unger S-Channel Plus will fit on a Ettore Contour Pro+ handle?

Anyone tried it? Or know if the channel will fit in the handle plate grip?

Any general thoughts about either the Contour Pro+ handle (perhaps your favourite channel-handle combination) in general are welcome.

Any general thoughts about either the Unger S-Channel Plus (with dog earing) handle (perhaps your experience with detailing reduction and effect on window frames compared to Moerman Liquidators) in general are welcome as well.

I’m thinking of purchasing both. But would like to see how other people have found them first (just doing a bit of homework before buying). Thanks.

Graeme Hibbard
Christchurch, New Zealand.


The Contour Pro + handle is my favourite! No problem with deep frames anymore. It’s a quality handle!

Haven’t tried the S-Plus Channel. But the channel will fit the handle. (They make the handle in 2 sizes. One for standard channels and one for super channels). The only thing is that you have to know that this handle has no teeth. So if your channel is made for a teeth handle - make a dent in the channel and use clips.


Thanks for your input Jonathan.

I’m pretty sure the channel doesn’t need teeth. Didn’t know the Contour Pro+ came in two different sizes. Wonder if one will fit my Sorbo channels? Do you know if the Super System size will take a Sorbo?

Thinking of a Liquidator 2.0 and Contour Pro+ combination, as seen here:

He’s (Julian Pierce) very happy with the combo. Are you Jonathan Bengtsson? If you are I really appreciate your heads up with what I was thinking of, with the toothed plate modification to see if it would work better with the Liquidator.

Are you able to take a digital picture (and post it here) of where exactly you insert the Unger plastic end clips into the Liquidator 2.0 to hold the rubber? Thanks.

Graeme Hibbard
Christchurch, New Zealand.


The channel doesnt “need teeth” but the s channels rely on two teeth on the handle to hold the rubber in place. The contour handle doesnt have them so you would need to use the unger end clips, but I’m not sure that they would fit in the dog eared channel.

So you would need to find a way to secure the rubber in the channel.


Hey Graeme!

My workhorse is my Sorbochannels on the Ettore Contour Pro + handle. So yes - it’s working just fine! But be sure to get right handle to right channel.

I have tried once to change to that teeth plate, but it didn’t work with the liquidatorchannels.
The liquidatorchannels are a bit wider then the Ettore channels, so the plate broke loose from the handle.

But a liquidator channel on a standard Contour Pro + handle is great! Recommend it!


Bob Hat (PolznBlades) is using paper clips for end plugs (clips) for the Liquidator channel. He say’s it works perfectly (holds it tight = no movement of rubber).


When you say: “super channels” you mean the Super System thick channels similar to the width of Sorbo, correct? The suppliers of Ettore brand equipment here in New Zealand are Advance Cleaning Supplies, but the people behind the desk are certainly not window cleaners, and I may need to do some explaining to make sure they get the right one, and don’t mess up the order (last time I was there they didn’t have the Contour Pro+ in stock but said they could order from their main wharehouse in Auckland).

Will probably buy both sizes. One for my Sorbo’s, and a couple or more, for Liquidator’s and other brand channels. And get a few paper clips cut to size for Liquidator end clips.


Exactly. Super channel = Wide Bodied Channel.

Personally I use the Unger Green Clips.
But I’ve seen people use paper clip, cut of zip ties and even Sorbo clips.


Hi. I’m in Dunedin and the Advance people down here are ??? Probably less knowledgeable than your lot. Let me know if you have any success with the Contour handles. Dunedin claims ‘unavailable’ so be careful they don’t supply the standard plastic one.


Here’s the Dunedin branch details:

49 Otaki Street, South Dunedin, Dunedin 9012 New Zealand
P: +64 3 456 0552
F: +64 3 456 0553

Here’s the link to the Contour Pro+ (wide body channel Super System version) online, at their NZ website:

Hope that helps.

Graeme Hibbard.
Christchurch, New Zealand.


Wait a minute. I just realized, that’s not the Contour Pro+ (just a Pro+). Hey I’m sorry. I think your right it might not be available in NZ right now. As usual, have to order from overseas to get any descent gear.


Here’s the Window Cleaning World by Peter Erkin in Australia links:

Standard channel version:

Super System channel version:


Yep. Have dealt with Peter a few times. Good service and doesn’t go overboard with freight charges.


Hi E.V. Gilland.

Christchurch Cleaning Supplies contact phone (03) 366 7288 have Ettore Contour Pro+ handles in stock, now. Approx. $59.00 GST Inc. It’s the standard channel version, not the wide body Super System version. Give them a call.

I’m waiting to the 20th to buy some gear.

Graeme Hibbard.
Christchurch, New Zealand


Thanks for the heads up Graeme, ordered and paid for, should have it in a couple of days.


Your welcome. Could have used one today actually. Was closing out on the bottom of some pretty deep silled frames (in training for Liquidator already) with my Sorbo, and was pretty tough on my wrists at the end of the day. That spring loaded action would have taken a lot of the stress off my wrist.

Graeme Hibbard
Christchurch, New Zealand


What a pleasant surprise. Overnight courier, impressed with the professional packaging and instruction sheet. Nice feel to the handle. I will test with interest…


Please let us know what you think. It’s a favourite handle of mine.
Eager to hear what you think Eric.


Used it today on a couple of my monthly car sales showrooms. Loaded with a 14" Liquidator 2. Although somewhat heavier than what I’m used to the overall balance is excellent. I really like the spring action, particularly at close out on deep frames and/or other obstacles. Was pleasantly surprised when it turned up in a professionally printed box with a sheet of instructions. I really like it and feel that it’s money well spent. The one caveat is I have no idea how that ‘tensioner’ is supposed to work as in any position the ‘springiness’ felt identical.


Great to here! It’s a super handle.
I’ve been thinking about that tensioner too.
Had problems with the angle when using the liquidator? The channel was firm in the handle?