Ettore Aquaclean Pole


Does anyone have any experience with the new Ettore Aquaclean poles? I’m looking at buying a pole that will get me to 5 stories. I hear a lot about Gardiner and Reach-it poles, but they seem to be about 25% more expensive. I haven’t seen any reviews on the new Aquacleans. Any help would be appreciated.


i just purchased gardiner extreme 47 i do 5 stories easily. it’s definitely worth its weight in gold.

cant speak for the other pole


Yea, the extreme looks great, I’m just worried about the height. From my calculation, assuming assuming I’m holding it 5 ft from the ground, you could only stand up to 12 feet from the building and still reach a window at 50’. The bend of the pole would reduce that even further. Is that far enough away from the building to get good scrubbing leverage?


Which line are you referring to?


Take a look at our comparison chart before you make a decision. The Ettore is a brand new pole just now hitting the market. The old model was a Gardiner made for Ettore. We have the new model in the store now.


If you need help contact me


ive done 5 stories easily and have plenty of leverage and im a short man 5’6"

the other day i maxed it out on sign too see how well it did. was golden glad i spent the money on it. it’s already paid for itself in the first three jobs

last pole i had triple crown silver also okay at 5 stories. i dont care what anyone says that lil pole produced well over $350k in revenue in 7yrs

other pole is aluminum tucker no way id take it too 5 stories other fella i bought business from did though lol


also we purchased our gardiner from John at wcr


Gardiner 47 can add additional sections to get higher as needed with same pole. I have 3 additional used as needed to get about 62’