Essential tools


Hello all,

I am new here & new to the window cleaning/gutter cleaning/& power washing business but have always had a entrepreneurial mindset.

I started off using tools & supplies from Home Depot, Lowes & Sam’s Club.

I have Ettore Mops 12 & 14 inch & Ettore Pro Grip Squeegee 12 & 18 inch. I’ll paste a picture below.

I have a Ettore 16 foot extension pole, a dual side rubber made bucket & microfiber towels I bought on Amazon.

Also a 6 inch Unger mop & Squeegee 2 & 1

I also have a under pocket scraper but prefer 0000 steel wool.

Oh & I use Dawn Proffesional Soap mixed with a bit of Rain X washer fluid.

One of my squeegee ripped & I want to invest in better supplies. I have searched on here & there are so many choices lol & varying opinions so what I wanted to do is ask you guys what tools or equipment you think are essential.

The goal is to become more efficient/faster & do high quality work. I am still learning & of course I am constantly practicing & making sure I do a good job.

Thanksnin advance for your responses


Unger ergotec handle
Unger S plus channel 14 in
Ettore rubber
Glass gleam 4 or dawn
Surgical towels/huck towels
Get a Moerman scrubber/mop,
Get some extension ladders or little giant. Pole work is sloppy. Nose to glass is what you need


Also learn how to fan


My pole work sucks & mysiater is actually a surgical tech & we have a ton of huck towels she gave me but I find that they rip when cleanigc tracks or crevices & then the little blue fibers are left behind.

I am in Texas, pollen & bugs are usually the biggest problems.

Sometimes I have to scrub pretty hard to get them off. Don’t know if it’s the Ettore moo or what but want to try to minimize having to do that to become faster.


Not sure what ettore moo is, but you could try a retractable 1 in razor


Mop lol


I have this, I don’t know if I am not using it right but I don’t like it.

I do better with steel wool albeit that’s lots of scrubbibg


I recommend an 8-9’ pole and a Moerman Excelerator or wagtail. Pole work takes practice, keep practicing.

Squeegees: My preference is Moerman but if I had a similar amount of squeegee time with the other major brands I would probably find them to be equal. Just experiment and find what works best for you.

0000 bronze wool doesn’t immediately rust like steel wool so that’s what I use. When you find good detail cloths for the glass DO NOT use it/them on frames, they will get torn up and you will be sad.

For hot temperatures you will need hard rubber. I don’t have experience with hot weather or hard rubber as I live in Alaska but I’m sure your hot weather brethren can give guidance.


Unger Ninja Scraper 4in w holster
Black diamond hard rubber

Blue mesh sponge
Wiljer shark
Walnut pad
Magic eraser


Keith kelfus kit?